If you were planning to quit traditional cigarettes but just were not able to, well, this article might just help!

One of the most common questions asked while considering a switch over from the traditional cigarette to an e-cig is whether or not the move can help you save money. Well, if you didn’t already know, an e-cig comes out to be much cheaper than the traditional cigarette. In today’s times, with the cost of traditional cigarettes rising fast, prices are going to touch $40 by 2020 after budget tax changes. It is clear to see how expensive your habit of smoking tobacco is turning out to be.

Even though most of us know that switching to an e-cig is a move that is going to save us money, exactly how much money it will save us is still a variable number. Well, it depends on a fair amount of factors.

To find out the more accurate amount of money that you’re going to end up saving, you need to consider the following factors:

Cost of cigarettes in your area

A cigarette might be expensive in your area than in other states or countries.

The brand of your cigarette

There are always a few cheaper brands for every product on the market, and a cigarette is no different. The brand you smoke might actually cost a lot more than what some others are used to.

How much you smoke

This obviously decides a fair chunk of how much you’ll be spending per day. If you’re a ‘more than two packs a day’ kind of a person, quitting will benefit you financially much more than the one who smokes one cigarette a day. On an average, smoking a pack a day over a period of thirty days is going to cost you about AU$ 750, consider the average cost of each of the twenty cigarettes to be AU$25 (which is going to get a whopping hike by 2020). Even after you include the aforementioned factors to this figure; it’s still pretty clear about how much money you’re going to end up saving if you decide to quit smoking, for good.

A few more additional factors that might be worth considering include:

The cost of your health or life insurance plans, depending on whether or not you’re buying your own insurance.

If you’re a smoker who is planning to sell his house, it might actually cost you more to get rid of the smoke residue and smell from the house, subject to how often you smoked inside the house.

How the Switch to E-Cig will Help in Saving Money?

The starter kit for an e-cigarette might seem like an expensive outlay when compared to your regular pack of cigarettes, but that’s only till you don’t factor in how long a starter kit is going to last you. It is really cheap to use and you’re set to save money in just the first few weeks of making the switch.

One single filled cartridge lasts about the same amount of time as a pack of twenty cigarettes would, while costing barely a fraction of the pack.

If you intend to start off with e-smoking while not investing too much money for the starter kit, you might want to check out the other alternative, that is a disposable e-cig. Even though a disposable e-cig isn’t as cost efficient than an entire starter kit generally proves out to be, it would still save you money over a traditional cigarette.

Incidental savings include the costs of lighters, air fresheners, and sprays to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke from your clothes and houses. Smoke related issues are obviously something that has been well recognized as being additional costs to smoking tobacco.

Are E-Cigs Just About Saving Money?

All our short-term calculations give us proof that the e-cigs will have much greater effects in the long run and on our bank accounts. The ability to buy cartridges and e-liquids in multiples without having to break your bank increase your savings. While they also ensure that you don’t have to rush out from the comfort of your house in bad weather to go and grab another pack. E-smokers find it easier to gauge how much they smoke and reports also suggest that they find the vapor that they inhale just as satisfying as tobacco smoke.
The fact that you can choose the amount of nicotine you intake while e-smoking gives you more control over how much you smoke, and in turn, serves as another reason to switch to e-cigs.

The money that it saves you, coupled with the fact that e-cigs provide various flavors to vape is enough for the traditional smokers to make the switch to this cleaner, cheaper alternative.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the money you save by switching to e-cigs is based on how much you actually smoke and what traditional cigarettes brand you use. What it also depends on is the brand of e-cigs that you’re getting, and how long their cartridges will last. Not to miss, e-cigs are not just about saving money. They allow you to vape indoors and further give you the freedom to choose the flavor and nicotine content as per your requirements. Further, the controlled amount of nicotine reduces the chance of falling prey to smoke related diseases.

All good, so are you ready to make a switch?

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Elianna Hyde, has been a freelance writer since 2009. She has attended university of California and graduated with masters in mass communication. She loves watching TV shows, movies and has keen interest in sharing her views on business trends and people’s lifestyle.