From self-driving cars to robots that teach themselves to walk; Due to technological progress, our machines seem to become increasingly autonomous. Should we guard against robots taking over power in the future?

A slave is owned by his master and has no control over his own life and death. New technological developments can make a man feel that he is dominated by technology like a slave by his master.


Technology has systematically contributed over the centuries to freedoms and improvements in living standards: those who spend less time on basic necessities of life have time to fill in at their own discretion. Technology has traditionally liberated humanity from all kinds of duties.


Man and technology are complementary to each other; man uses technology to bend the world to his will. Ax, knife, fishing rod, flint, and cart perfected humans, such as artificial intelligence, gene technology, and smartphone today.


A point can be reached at which technology has been further developed in such a way that technology dominates humans. The question is whether that enslaves him to technology. If technology can control man at all, it is because a man wanted it himself; technology can dominate man if the function of that technology is domination.

Slave labor

A person who is employed as an extension of technology to perform week after week work that is not indispensable can experience his work as slave labor. But he is not actually a slave, because he is free to step out at any time (a privilege that the slave lacks).


The irony is that technology has greatly expanded the freedom to self-determination. With legalized abortion, contraception, euthanasia and suicide pills, unlike the slave, he has almost complete control over life and death.

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