Every company should plan for and every employee should become familiar with the issues relating to workers’ compensation. Without benefits, getting hurt on the job could mean financial disaster. Fortunately, new technologies are being used to make the workplace safer and the compensation process easier.

Communication and Training

Technology allows better communication within employees to improve safety, as well as reporting of accidents when they do occur. Safety and reporting guidelines can be published on the company intranet or pushed to employees via smartphone apps. Wearable tech can monitor employee vitals such as body temperature, fatigue, hear rate, and location so anyone in danger can be immediately assessed for health risks. Dangerous machinery and equipment can be outfitted with sensors and cameras to record accidents and unsafe conditions, or trigger alerts. All of this collected information can be integrated into employee safety training.

Providing Healthcare

New medical technology is also increasing the chances for and speed of recovery for employees who are sidelined due to injuries. In addition to the wearables mentioned above that can monitor patient vital signs and activity levels, telehealth is brining provider care to home-bound or remote individuals. This can also be a benefit to transitional workers who are returning to limited roles but need to be monitored. Visual chat capabilities allow doctors and nurses to make visual exams of patients, or demonstrate treatment techniques such as self-administering medications. Mobile apps can likewise provide access to helpful videos, recommended reading, counselors, appointment schedules, and other healthcare resources.

Managing Claims

Each claim is easier to manage through these knowledge resources and effective communication. Companies, injured workers, insurers, and healthcare providers can coordinate activity and share updated information via cloud file sharing services. This can include generating personalized emails, alerts, appointment reminders, and prescription availability. All parties can be notified when forms are missing or improperly filled out, or exactly what procedures an insurance provider will cover, such as physical therapy or cosmetic surgery. Modern technology allows everyone to stay informed so that there is a much lower chance of misrepresentation and mistakes.

Getting Legal Help

Often there may be resistance or disagreements when it come to processing your claim to workers’ compensation benefits. Either your employer or their insurer may find some grounds for disputing the claim. In such cases, you can turn to specialists like Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S. They can leverage modern tools and technology to keep you updated on the latest developments in your case and each step you need to take to move it forward.

Whether you’ve been injured on the job or are suffering from a work-related disease, workers’ compensation was created to protect you and cover your financial needs. Technology makes filing a claim easier and the whole process more transparent so that you obtain the benefits you need sooner.

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