Telemedicine is a bigger concept of which teledentistry is a part. It is a kind of service delivery to the patients from a distance. It includes the following practical applications:

  • Live video calling
  • Store and forward services
  • Provisions for heath are education
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Who are the beneficiaries?

Teledentistry provides certain accessibility benefits to both patients and the dentists. Some of the digital benefits to the following beneficiaries:

  • patients who do not have a proper access to dental care or someone who is located in the rural areas,
  • Dentists can make use of this technology for second opinion and referrals from the senior doctors

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How teledentistry can enhance access to dental care needs?

Most of the people living in rural areas do not have adequate facilities for making appointment with dentists. This new technology can enhance the access by providing services to these underserved populations. This innovative dental care facility can improve the disadvantages sections of the society in the following way:

  • By serving the underserved population- There has been a technological gap between the rural and the urban areas. Online dental care needs can bridge this gap. However, to implement this, it is important to educate them on this.
  • For specialty care services-There are various patients that require special treatments and in this context, teledentistry plays a very important role by connecting the patients with specialized expertise. Visit for getting the best dental services.
  • Cost reductions- The cost needed in visiting dental clinic is more. Teledentistry provides dental care services at an affordable cost. Therefore, it reduces the comprehensive costs needed for individual visit to a dentist.

Ways by which patient care services can be enhanced using teledentistry:

Teledentistry can be used to improve patient care services in various ways:

  • Can provide mobile dentistry services to senior care facilities, school and to communities staying in rural areas
  • Enhance medical access for research, screening for oral cancer, establishing connection between general physician and dentist, emergency dental services etc.

Besides this, it is important to increase awareness about this technology and about oral health. The patients’ access to teledentistry will improve only when people are aware of it. Education has to be provided in rural areas, and educational institutions.

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