I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you to test, test, test. It’s really easy to say, but the fact is, not enough of us are actually doing it.

I’m guilty myself too. I split test email subject lines and changes on landing pages here and there, but there’s a ton I could be testing that I just… don’t. Life gets in the way.

But the fact is, there is so much value you can gain through testing.

Smart entrepreneurs increase opt in rates, open rates, and conversation rates by more than 100% using testing. The possibilities are endless for you – but only if you take the extra step to test.

Testing does not have to be difficult or time consuming. And the effort you do put in WILL BE worth it – testing means more customers, more sales, and more revenue!

Here are a few tests to get you started:

1. Your emails. Using your email marketing tool is a great way to get started with testing. Infusionsoft, AWeber, GetResponse, and even MailChimp offer split testing and make it unbelievably easy for you. Try testing…

The time of day you send solo mailers
Email subject lines
The “From” line
The calls to action you use in your emails
Using graphics in your emails or using plain text (some experts swear by long, plain text columns and nothing else!)

2. Your landing pages and sales pages. Depending on your infrastructure, tests on your website can take a little more effort than in your email, but it’s worth it. After all, this is where your clients actually sign up and buy, right? On a standard WordPress site, you will need to create two versions of a page and direct traffic to them separately, testing…

Call to Action buttons – colors, text, and location
Headline text
Color schemes (testers often find orange optimizes conversions)
Breaking up text with graphics or video
Guarantees or money-back offers with your sales

3. Your social media. Facebook Ads are a great way to test how effective your copy and images are very inexpensively. Start with $5 ad campaigns with one difference between two ads (A vs. B), then take the winner, change something else, and test again (A vs. C). Make sure you’re using the same audience demographics for each test, unless demographics are what you’re testing.

4. Take a Peak at your user experience. Wouldn’t you like to get inside the mind of your website’s visitors and see it fresh through their eyes? User Testing is a company that lets you do just that. They have mostly high-end paid solutions, but they also offer Peak for free. Peak records video and audio of one user experiencing your website, completely free to showcase the power of testing.

If you want a hand in knowing what to split test, how to do it, or what to test next, let me know. My team and I can take on your testing and optimize your online marketing for high-performance.

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