All parents want their children to grow up to be versatile personalities, spiritually enriched and physically developed people. There is an acute problem of lack of attention to the child during the school holidays. If the TV and computer occupy most of the children's time, and parents are busy at work, then in the long run this will have a negative impact on the development of the younger ones. The best way out of this situation is a kids camp in Singapore. On their website you can get acquainted with the schedule of various events and the full program of your child's vacation.

At home, children have a fairly free daily routine. In the camp, certain rules apply: getting up and hanging out at a specific time, cleaning a bed, morning exercises, taking water procedures under the supervision of educators. Compliance with such a regime teaches discipline and responsibility, and children learn to use their time rationally.

In the children's camp, the child is constantly in the team, which has a positive effect on the development of his communication skills. The children learn to value friendship, communicate with each other, come to the rescue of a friend in trouble, and respect elders. The team cannot do without disputes, and the guys must know how to find the right solution. The conflict situation enables the child to learn to find a compromise and adequately respond to the criticism of others. The acquired ability to adapt in society is important for the future life of the child.

Most children's camps are located far from cities, near the sea, lakes, rivers, or just in a wooded area. Such an environment contributes to the physical development of the child. Hiking, walking, and outdoor games have a beneficial effect on the health of children. Health facilities are equipped with sports grounds and halls. Sports events instill in the younger generation a competitive spirit, willpower, the desire to win, as well as the ability to interact in a team.

In addition to sports, educators pay attention to the spiritual development of the personality of their wards. In the camp, the child is engaged in creativity: dancing, singing, drawing. Handicraft and modeling will teach children to understand the harmony of the world around them. Organized concerts, as well as screenings of popular science and feature films, will expand the horizons of children.

A child who has spent even one shift in a children's camp becomes more independent and self-confident. The child learns to live without constant parental care, away from home.

In the children's camp, the guys will go through a good school of life under the supervision of experienced counselors and educators.

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Mike Hammelton - professional writer and designer. He lived in Singapore and working in the creative agency.