Stains from carpets can be removed if certain steps are followed. Today, reputed companies in Sydney and the suburbs are using different technologies to remove the stains from the carpets. Generally, immediate attention needs to be given to the carpets to remove the stains. There are other things too that the cleaning companies do which we will discuss here. So, if you are in Wollongong make sure that your local carpet cleaners are following these steps.

  • Prompt action

We just mentioned that prompt action is necessary for removing the stains but here we will tell you what the cleaners do to remove those stains. 

They use a blunt knife or spoon in the process of removing the stains caused by solids items. If the stain is from liquids, they might use tissues or white paper towels for blotting it up. 

If the spill is large, they may use a dry vacuum but they never scrub the carpet during the process as this might damage the fibres. During a carpet cleaning in Wollongong, the cleaners start the cleaning from the outside of the carpet and slowly move to the middle to prevent further spreading of the spillage. 

  • Cold water treatment

An effective solution to remove the stain is to treat the carpet with cold water. Using this, the cleaners can remove the stains caused by food and beverages. This treatment is repeated a couple of times until and unless the stains are completely removed. A cloth or a towel is used to dry the area of the stain.

  • Drying the carpet

The carpet is dried by pressing the stained area with a paper towel or a clean white cloth. This helps in removing the excess moisture. The cleaners do not rub the carpet as rubbing can modify the texture of the carpet.

  • For remaining stains

Even after cleaning, if the stains remain, the cleaners from the cleaning companies in Wollongong use a sponge or a clean white cloth for the removal of the stain. The cleaning agent that is used contains 1 teaspoon of laundry detergent with white vinegar in a litre of warm water. 

The cleaners apply this solution and rinse with cold water. This procedure is again repeated until the stain goes away totally. 

Sometimes other proprietary cleaning agents are also used to remove the stains.

  • The drying process

After the treatment with the chemical formula, the carpet needs to be dried properly. The cleaners make use of layers of white paper towels over the stained area along with a flat weight. Sometimes a hair dryer is also used to speed up the process. However, they also make sure not to overheat the area. 

  • Repeating the process

The drying process is repeated when and if stains reappear. The stains can stay hidden in the inside fibres and might reappear after the cleaning process. However, with the repetition of the drying process, the stain slowly disappears. 

These are some of the steps that are followed in the carpet cleaning in Wollongong. If all of these steps are properly followed, the carpet will fully become stain-free.

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