For several years many people have been using the HCG diet to lose weight, sometimes at the rate of 1 lb or more per day. This began in the 1970's when HCG was available in the form of an injection performed by a doctor. In recent years HCG has changed and is now found in the form of drops.

The HCG drops have a huge advantage over the injections which are slowly fading away. While providing the same potency and the same weight loss the negatives of facing an injection have gone away. No longer do you need to be injected with a needle and have the pain (especially for those with fear of needles), with the drops you simply use a dropper to drop 10 HCG drops under your tongue 3 times a day.

HCG injections we only allowed to be performed in a doctors surgery, this made it extremely inconvenient for those who were unable to easily get to and from the surgery. The drops are easy to carry either in a pocket or a purse and also easy to take without others knowing.

Some of us who have needed to lose weight do not always want others to know about our dieting. Going to a doctor and discussing weight loss with them can be nerve racking for some of us, but buying drops through a reputable online service is much easier with not having to speak to anyone (unless you want to order over the phone) and having them delivered to the mailbox.

The major difference between the HCG injections and the HCG drops is the price. Injections are very expensive, they can often be several hundred dollars for just a simple 21 day diet plan which when compared to drops which for a 21 day bottle of drops with amino acids is only $67.

Having helped hundreds or possibly thousands of clients over the years help reach their weight loss goals I know that the HCG drops are just as effective as the injections from the 1970's. Many doctors are taking their business online as this is what the market place is wanting, convenience, discretion and value for money. I myself have been working with a doctor who has been able to advance the drops so far that they now not only help you lose weight but also contain amino acids to help support the body while you are on the diet.

In short the advances of the HCG diet moving away from HCG injections to HCG drops has made it less painful, more convenient, less embarrassing and a lot cheaper and easier to meet our weight loss goals.

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Marcus McReynolds - Nutrition & Fitness Expert

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