When children are struggling with severe family problems, abuse, financial difficulty in the family, or other types of serious concerns, Jens Place Group Home Ontario is there to help. Jen's place as a quality, nurturing environment that provides care to male and female adolescents who are struggling through their teenage years. Jen's place has a variety of staff members, consisting of certified child and youth workers, social workers and even consulting psychologists. These staff members are highly trained in behavior management and they are able to work with children and get them down the right path before they make mistakes in their lives. Jen's place has saved the lives of many children in Ontario. Kids who were not in a good place in their life, kids hanging out with the wrong types of people, kids doing drugs or alcohol, kids with serious family problems like financial difficulties or abuse issues at home and even other types of children have been completely saved by the Jen's place quality care environment.

If you are struggling through your adolescent years, such as if you are within the ages of 11 through 18, Jens place provides a safe and nurturing environment that you can count on. The home provides children with a place to relax, receive help for their problems and be around other kids that are going through the same types of issues. Behavior management skills are the main focus at Jens place, since correcting a lot of the problems that children experience at young ages often revolves around how they manage their anger and behavior. Children who go through very tough times during their younger years are going to have a much harder time getting through life. People who have not grown up with serious problems throughout their childhood have a very difficult time relating to children that carry serious burdens on their shoulders. Kids who have been abused, mistreated, lost a parent or gone through terrible times with their family didn't have a very rough childhood and have difficulty transitioning through their teenage years. Often times, kids will act out with anger or become rebellious. This could lead to trouble with the law. Jim's place is focused around changing this behavior in teaching adolescents how to cope with the things that they have been dealt through life. We cannot change what has happened to us as young adolescents but we can change how we cope with it and how it affects us.

Ultimately, Jen's Place is a great environment for anybody that is struggling as an adolescent. The home is not just a place for people to stay, it is literally constructed by the people and it is the children staying there that make it such a nurturing place to live. The owners/operators have been in control of the business for 27 years and they were previous CAS child welfare workers as well as residential counselors. You can rest assured that Jen's Place consists of high quality counselors and quality management, it would be an excellent place for your children to recover from life traumas.

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