When it comes to interior designs, you’d probably think of the various unique ways in which the comfort of your home can be remodeled to meet your desires. Your living space should bring you not only joy but also be a reflection of your personality and style aligning itself with the way you choose to live your life. From my experience, it can be stressful trying to decorate your home but are not sure of what you want because you’re also uncertain of the type of person you are in society. Made.com has produced an amazing personality quiz that enables you to fully get involved in building your dream interior design with a wide range of suggested options after submitting your much-adored character traits.
As impressive as finding the right furniture for your home using your personality seems, I have realized that the test does not only allow you to look for furniture, but also take the time to find yourself as well. It may seem odd; I mean how can a test used to find furniture help me realize the type of person I am right? However, this personality quiz provides you with simple yet profound thoughtful questions that allow you to understand your actual character traits and finally know your worth and here is my faithful experience with it.

What to expect
Be prepared for a series of questions with multiple choice answers to help you narrow down to your most appropriate choice. Your favorite color, the perfect night out for you, your social relations, are such questions that I found to be very interesting in the quiz.
I found these questions engaging as they helped me reflect on my personality traits and past experiences, carefully looking for the answers and realizing essential details I might’ve missed on my own. Expect a deep meditation session answering the questions since they require one to think out loud and look for the missing links in their life.

Why you should take the test
The test will change your life. It’s not often that I come across such robust and accurate tests. After all my experiences with other behavioral quizzes, none of them have come close in terms of ease of understanding and precise self-actualization.
This quiz offers an excellent insight as to what makes you tick and has proven to provide many of the following benefits in life:
• Helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
The test provided me with an opportunity to reflect and acknowledge my areas of weaknesses and notice the few blind spots in my character of which I wasn’t aware. It also gave me a clear view of my strengths allowing me to focus on what I’m good at in life.
• Helps you interact better with others in society
The test allowed being to be able to pick a few points that I could use to know other people’s character and find out how best to interact with them.
• Facilitates self-reflection when one looks back at his life.
• Helps in job placement as employers know where best to assign you.

The results
I’m a classic man. Well, that’s according to the results after I took the test — a sophisticated and serene presence and very dependable. I am mostly organized when given any responsibility. I prefer an aesthetic and elegance experience in life. As much as these facts are correct, they opened my eyes and made me realize how worthy I am. I felt reborn, like I was finally getting to know who I truly was and would spend the rest of my life doing what’s best for me. I have never been so proud of who I am.
Final thoughts
The personality test can be used for a wide variety of reasons and not only when it comes to interior designs. I’d suggest you take the quiz, even if the sole purpose doesn’t lie in finding the best furniture but instead, finding the best you as I can testify to an on-shore satisfaction.

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