How the simple home remedies to help in mosquito & insect bite treatment???

India is a country which is known worldwide for many good things like yoga, Ayurveda home remedies, herbal treatment, natural treatment, spices, recipes masala, and like this we are famous in all field.

India is a country which is fast moving in all field like economy, sports, army force entertainment etc…but some reasons are there in India and about India in which we are still lacking or behind in progress.
And In them some of the common and important things like pollution, cleaning, drainage system, sanitation, clean India and hygiene India, still we are struggling and working in these field after the Independence of 70 years.

I think in them some of the biggest reasons for these problems are ….
1) India is the country which is the 2nd highest population in the world this is one of the big reason
2) And one more reason is lack of information reach and lack of knowledge among people
By the pollution, on hygienic, poor drainage system, open toilet we are suffering a lot of problems for many years not only in a rural area even in urban areas also.
Some of the pollutions which directly impacts on our health and life and in them some of the pollutions which majorly effects our environment and our health.

1) Air pollution,
2) Soil pollution,
3) Water pollution,
From this major pollution we are facing a lot of problems like polluted air, polluted soil, polluted water, in them one of the problem which leads to create a lot of dangerous mosquitoes and insects especially a life-threatening mosquitoes.

In India mosquitoes and it’s sever problems are increasing day by day... Nowadays Bites from Insects are so common, they often result in Redness, Rashes, and swelling in the infected area,
Certain Insect & Mosquito bites may just lead to Allergic reactions such as
Pain and redness of the skin,Which may or may not require immediate medical attention .Sometimes it can lead to life-threatening Diseases. For example, Mosquito Bites may lead to some of the major problems like…

These mosquitoes bite is not only particular area it is in all over India we are facing a lot of problems especially in the rainy season ,these life-threatening mosquitoes bite problems like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya increases and for them some of the reasons are

Poor urban planning
Garbage accumulation
Poor sanitation practices.

Government is taking a lot of steps to prevent these mosquitoes and insects from becoming dangerous but in India solutions takes a lot of time. Here we need effort and knowledge how to keep away the dangerous mosquitoes and other insects and some of the tips are as follows
Do not allow to accumulate waste material outside the house
Do not keep water container outside the house balconies where rainwater can collect
Always Keep cover the water sources
Wear clothes that cover the ankles and feet
If any mosquitoes or insect bites and you are facing certain disorder like… Itching, Swelling, Pain and redness of the skin etc. Don’t worry you can use the home remedies to treat the mosquito bite problem
Here we have simple and effective home remedies which we can make it at home and use .here I am suggesting a not only on remedy here you can try different remedies to treat Insect and Mosquito Bites or

Top 12 Home Remedies to Treat Insect and Mosquito Bites
Which all the simple remedies, you can prepare with simple in home available herbal natural herbs, which all the remedies are all natural treatment to the mosquito and insect bites. Just follow step by step guide and Cure or get rid from the problems at home
Mother Nature provides us all we need. And when it comes to our Health and well-being, it provides us even more. Like this nature and Ayurveda provides us a lot just we need to know the value and have the knowledge about herbals and home remedies
For them to know more about simple and effective home remedies for the common health problem you can visit the below website which is especially for the Ayurveda medicine, on which this website and the remedies mentioned here is mostly based on, is more about nature and herbs which have power to cure our diseases without any side effects and at the same time keeps us healthy too.
Keep your surroundings, your city, and India clean and make a contribution to becoming a healthy India.
PS – The Home Remedies suggested here and on the links are for general information only and anybody willing to try these must consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner before doing so. Although natural remedies do not cause severe side effects, some might be allergic to certain plants, nuts or oils and it is strongly recommended that these remedies have to be tried only after consulting with your doctor.

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Mother Nature provides us all we need. And when it comes to our Health and well-being, it provides us even more. We at believe in the famous saying “Health is Wealth”. There is nothing more important or valuable than our health. Good health is the real wealth. No matter how fit and healthy a person is, he or she is bound to experience many of the most common diseases.