Just like your outfit can reveal a whole lot of your personality traits, the decorations of your own home especially the wall décor can tell whole stories about your personal taste and persona. Everyone loves to make a dream house, which includes everything they love to see in their loving space.
Home décor experts say that the way you decorate the walls of your home can reveal many things about your personality, here are some of the indicators and how you can read them:
1. A wall full of family photos:
Experts say that if you’ve decorated your walls with loads and loads of important family photos, the odds are that you have a nostalgic personality. You love living in the past and often like to reflect on some key moments of your life to feel more strong and determined.
A wall full of family photos also symbolizes that you have a kind heart, and you love your family more than anything else.
2. Wall renters:
When it comes to personalizing the walls of your room, renters are quite a bold choice, because they can alter the look, texture and feel of a wall altogether. Some people (especially those who are on rent) put cheap renters on the walls to save some bucks, but these papers come off pretty quickly, and the walls end up looking messy and ugly.
Instead, if you choose on putting some high quality premium renters on your walls, this means that you pay attention to detail and you’re eager to nest. Renters can also be used to personalize children’s room quickly.
3. Unique wall clocks:
Clocks are just about the most underrated thing displayed on a wall. And because many novice home owners end up picking a shitty clock (which by the way is a big mistake) and resultantly, their wall looks even uglier.
Unique Wall Clocks are not necessarily always expensive. A well designed wall clock can actually mix up with rest of the things like your wall renter or color to give away a nicer look. Clocks even come with attached photo frames, that enables you to decorate a wall with your family photos without even buying the frames separately. So, a wall clock is probably the most versatile option on our list.
4. Wall lamps:
Wall lamps are not a necessity, they’re more of a luxury option, but if you do choose your wall lamp according to your personal taste and the color scheme of your wall, this symbolizes that you never compromise on quality.
Wall lamps actually come in various shapes and sizes, both fixed and adjustable, ambient and with task lighting. You’ll need to buy more than one lamp per wall if you’re going to buy them, your best bet is going for pairs, because they symbolize symmetry and class. However, you can go according to your taste and personal preference.

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