We constantly delude ourselves and create a false picture of the world.


Ten months ago, I left my home, lost in the wooded hills and moved to the regional center to give my children an opportunity to gain an understanding of modern society. But every month I return there, to my homeland, to take another breath of freedom and strength, and to revive in myself that understanding of life that I discovered during the years of my hermitage.

And this is what I noticed: when I leave the civilized world and find myself again covered by the silence of the northern forest, something invisible clicks in my head, as if they turned on another illumination of reality from within. Everything seems different. The heart calms down, the soul relaxes, a serene smile appears on the face. All worldly problems from here, from the evergreen forest, seem unworthy of trivia. As if some kind of force wakes up inside, and it opens the chests of wisdom that were always with you, but you did not know how to get to them.

Being determines consciousness. We interpret life through the prism of our past experience, which will always be limited and incomplete. We are ready to easily play the role of prophets, predicting the course of events, and just as easily forget that almost all of our predictions did not correspond to reality. It is important for us to appear smart and businesslike, because this is how we want to get rid of the anxiety that has captured our hearts.

But to really get rid of anxiety, we need to calm down and accept the situation. When this happens, we will begin to provide other explanations for what is happening. For the strong and the weak always look at the world with different eyes. But where to find your place of power so that it changes you?


We always give explanations for what we see. First I learned to see it in myself, then in others. So I realized why people find it difficult to come to an understanding: they give different explanations for what is happening. But this is not so bad. The real trouble is that we always consider our explanation more correct and are not interested in the picture of the world of other people. Example.

You notice that someone you know has changed his attitude towards you. But he doesn't say anything. You can only guess what happened. In fact, nothing happened. He just gave his own explanation for some episode of little significance to you. And instead of asking the question directly to you and trying to understand your position, he drew some conclusions for himself and was satisfied with them. We constantly give explanations of reality, giving little thought to the fact that in the overwhelming majority of cases these explanations have little in common with reality itself. As in that joke.

- You don't call us anymore and don't come.
- Why.
- And when you left yesterday, our spoons disappeared, we found them later, but still the sediment remained bad.


I say this:

Reality is the soil. Attention - moisture. And thoughts that spontaneously appear as a result of their contact are grass. And if it is not mowed, it grows into weeds, behind which we cease to see the earth.

The oblique, which is always with us, is non-judgmental attention. But, like any tool, it requires skill that comes with training. And in fact, as we age, we all learn to use it. It is important to realize this and put yourself at your service in situations that are unusual for yourself that require this (for example, when obsessive thoughts become the cause of anxiety).

When you are repairing equipment, and it is in no hurry to be repaired, you use non-judgmental attention to drive away annoying thoughts that distract you from purpose and action. When you exercise, you use nonjudgmental attention to remove thoughts like "how hard" or "I'm tired." Whenever you do something you don't really want to do, you turn to the non-judgmental attention tool to eliminate thoughts that make your life difficult.

But not always the matter is limited to one only mowing negative thoughts. Sometimes there is a need to sow the field of subjective reality with the seeds of hope and faith. So that they grow into different estimates and alternative explanations. So that they create that Great Forest in which we will find our place of power. And it will always be with us - wherever we go and whatever we do, we will always be in our place of power. And isn't this what each of us is striving for?

Author's Bio: 

My name is Rudiyr. I was born and live in Russia. I am engaged in giving advice to people on mental health, self-improvement and harmonious development. I am also the author of the course "Philosophy of Practical Natural Science". In it, I consider issues of health, positive energy balance of a person, energy sources for a person (sleep, nutrition, physical activity, creativity) and other aspects that allow a person to live happily.