Generally, in our country, we are associating our identity based on our profession. You might have come across retired people also cherish and claim their status based on past professional accolades or achievements only. Even we introduce ourselves to others by quoting what we do. That is inherently we perceive job is essential for self-identity (saints or philosophers are exceptions!)

Also, except a few who born into a wealthy family, for most of the people, survival, wealth creation, positional status, respect in the family and society comes from the profession only. The profession could be either working self (business)or working for some as an employee. In any way, we get our happiness, wealth, status, lifestyle, practical knowledge, wisdom from work only. Unlike the western style of theory, we can not separate work and life separately. Both are interrelated.

If you take the average life expectancy of a person is 68 years, then likely 50 % of the lifetime, we are spending our experience with a career and its related activities. When we give 50 % of our lifetime to our profession and all materialistic and personal development occurred through the profession, how can we accelerate the professional growth in a right, ethical manner so that growth will help you and others?

Many types of research are going on professional or career growth. However, would like to discuss some perspectives on the science of growth in a professional environment

Generally, the pace of professional growth differs according to one’s educational qualification, exposure to a different learning environment, industry served. However, given the potential, there are TWO FACTORS as demonstrated by you determines your consistent growth.

1.Focusing & Producing Results
2.Building Relationship with others

You must notice that both factors are equally required for long-term, consistent growth. It is not either or condition but both.

You may relate to your known/senior colleagues who have grown consistently or the person who has not grown in line with their potential.
In case of a slow growth-oriented person, you may realize that either one of the factors was lacking w.r.t reference to their position. Either they might be competent in their functional domain but lacks on soft skills or they are good in dealing with others, but lack in competency or in delivering the result.

In case of consistent growth-oriented persons, you may realize that they had balanced both factors during their career path.

Balancing of what you deliver and how you deliver are equally important when others consider you for next level growth.

For example, if you are a manager, it is expected to produce results as expected at your level and also to behave in a certain maturity at this positional level. When you lack to produce either result or lack to display some level of relationship maturity, your growth to the next level, say senior manager in a typical case, delays or stops at the manager level only.
The point is you need to balance both and demonstrate what is expected at your existing position decides your next level growth.

Now, the action is to look at your career graph, given your qualification, age, years of experience, are you growing consistently? If you answer is "yes", you are balancing both w.r.t to your position and strengthen it further. If your answer is “No,” try to understand where you need to improve either in RESULT or in RELATIONSHIP instead of pointing others.

Let us understand further on the definition of RESULT and RELATIONSHIP and their drivers.

As discussed, one of the factors for accelerating career growth is consistency in result w.r.t to the position. Let us understand the “ expectation on result and enablers of result orientation.”

One of my known friends was exceptionally done well at a managerial position, and his boss impressed with his performance and elevated to General Manager level. The boss expectation was to develop the business to the next level using the person’s capability. Here the expectation is to deliver business results. After some time, the boss became unhappy with his performance since my friend still behaved and delivered the result as a functional manager. When I observed and interacted with him, I realized, he was not equipping himself for the new set of deliverables.

Here the issue is conflicting between the expectation vs. reality and no development efforts to improve the performance w.r.t new role. The approach must be the friend must enhance his knowledge, skills, and attitude towards business development and deliver result than being complacent with legacy or functional delivery alone.

The fact is the RESULT is a function of your knowledge about your industry, business, customer, domain expertise, skills and more importantly your attitude in line with your position. When you are growing in your career ladder, you need to equip yourself on knowledge which is required for the job and your perspective. Also, your skills like problem-solving capabilities, communication, decision making also need to be in line with the expectation of the position. To sum up, your COMPETENCY has to be enhanced to deliver RESULTS w.r.t your position. When you are not developing your competency, your growth stops.

Hence, enhance your competency to deliver the result as this is the only shortcut for accelerating growth.

Let us discuss “ Relationship “ factor and the enablers.

As discussed, the other factor for accelerating career growth is “ Building relationship with others”.

When we say a building relationship with others in a professional environment, it is all about how you are relating with others. Equally, how others feel when they approach you, interact and work with you in a professional setup.

Enablers of building a relationship from your end :

Respect others as such and their time & privacy
Giving your undivided time to others when they need (approachability)
Helping others with your presence or with your competency

How can you develop your relationship quality with others?
1.Knowing more about yourself
2.Developing your emotional intelligence
3.Improving your communication skill as a lifelong exercise

Building a relationship is not a one-time effort. This calls for consistency.

When you are growing in your career ladder, your soft skill in handling people matters a lot along with Performance.

The action is to identify your weak spot in developing a relationship and work on that to accelerate our career growth!

Accelerate your career by balancing result and relationship!

Author's Bio: 

S.Ganesh Babu is Founder and CEO of Winning Minds Solutions; a business consulting firm helps small, medium size (SME's) organizations that struggle with profitability and growth issues. Ganesh is an industrial engineering graduate with 22 years contribution in various functions viz Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Systems, Operations, and Project management in leading MNC companies in India. His last assignment was with Whirlpool of India as General Manager (New Product Development)
His core expertise areas are in the application of Lean Manufacturing, Process Engineering, and Industrial Engineering, Plant layout, Material handling, new product development through Project Management and People development. Since 2012, his organization Winning Minds Solutions has so far helped more than 60+ SME organizations to improve productivity, sales turnover through efficiency improvements, business profitability and build a performance-based culture to sustain the business profitability.
He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI, USA and Certified Performance Coach.
He is the author of two books namely”Business (Head) Transformation" and "Thoughts on Life Excellence"
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