Thank you for taking the time to consider these words closely.

This is never an easy subject as someone is nearly always going to be offended by anything that's written about homosexuals, however; If the truth offends you, that's actually not a problem for anyone else, as most of us prefer the truth.

I'd like to hear what you have to say about gay marriage, after you have read this article please?

For the record, I am a 'vanilla' (straight/boring) heterosexual.

Gay people are humans whom, maybe became averse to having sexual feelings toward 'straights' or maybe never developed heterosexual feelings at all, for whatever reason, perhaps a physical thing, maybe just cos they like to be gay- or perhaps they'll argue a genetic or chromosomal difference - whatever it IS that makes them NOT heterosexual/ straight- it clearly doesn't make them different in any OTHER way, from the rest of us, except that some (not all) gays, do adopt and recognize a 'gay culture' and are mostly happy with that, as are most tolerant 'straight' folks.

Why do SOME people though, seem intensely jealous of gay people especially, for apparently being 'free' and for having fun? I doubt that's the real reason. Look at the prejudices and problems gay people have to face on a daily basis, most conscious people are aware of these, if you do look at 'gay problems'(do an online search with the adult-filter on!) you see its TRULY not all outrageous partying, it's actually too often a daily battle JUST to be accepted as A HUMAN BEING, for far, far too many people.

Why oh WHY should anyone EVER feel dejected and/ dehumanized for not wanting to have sex with the wrong person?

Many religious people especially, find homosexuality 'unnatural' (actually it's been proven that it occurs in nature fairly consistently and is 'the norm' but - we DO know humans are not 'animals'!! - OK)

Religious people are often unable to accept that atheists - especially - whom are usually fairly well-educated, believe there is no 'god'- but that all 'gods' so far (10,000 gods + goddesses PLUS?) are purely man-made in order to take financial control from the population fairly easily (through fear 'of god') and that 'God' (maybe) ONLY proves to equal exploitation of the lesser - educated masses - so it is purely ONLY Big business and/ Cult-thinking (see 'brain-washing')

'Stockholm Syndrome' especially is good for a 'behavioral' comparison to religious belief systems.

It's also been explained that being Gay is no 'sin' if 'sins' don't exist!

Religious folks often take the moral high-ground, despite (often but not always) lesser education, they often believe they are superior to evolutionists.

Others adhere to the belief that so much care and thought was placed into religious text, by so very many people, that due to 'the' philosophy itself, it is worth living by these 'rules' and never breaking them.

Well, for a start, not all gay people are evolutionists nor science-fans nor non-religious, an example is, there is a massive Christian Gay community. Not all 'gay haters' are religious either, nor of one-religion, so what IS the actual problem some have with gay marriage? The Biblical text? Gay 'intolerance' happens in nearly all religion, doesn't it?

Well, we know in science, that (approx!) 99.9% of matter (stuff we are made of) is not measurable, or you could say, science can only measure 0.1% (approx) of material that we are made of.

There IS a god then? Not necessarily, no. Even if there is/was some god somewhere- it still doesn't mean there is a 'god who hates gay people'.

It's PEOPLE who dislike or are averse to other people, for whatever poor reasoning skills were pumped into them at school? Nobody loves everyone - do they? (unless they're a God or wish to emulate him/her?)

I saw, online, a religious couple discussing the 'filth' of homosexual sex, the depravity and the sadism associated with it. They had a point. I grew up in a very gay town and was sick to my stomach as a young teen, to think some really sweet guys I knew DID THAT stuff!
They didn't stop being my friends and I didn't stop loving them. I always wondered 'why' though and 'what a shame! HE'S SO CUTE!!' One of them wanted to have sex with me, him being bi-sexual. I had such a crush too. I didn't do 'the deed' as I was only 16 and I didn't like the thought of the man I loved doing THAT sort of thing with a ugly hairy guy. It made me think, maybe I am man-like? That thought truly freaked me out until I dressed up as guy and saw I looked like David Niven a bit. (I loved his movies, still do)

Gayness does make some heterosexuals wonder what can be attractive about what CAN seem, in sexual practices anyhow- degradation, filth, horrific pain and/ humiliation, and why should sadism, pain and humiliation [], BE acceptable in ANY law or in ANY part of our world?

We fight 'evil' and go to war against such horror and oppression quite often, so I guess we have to answer these questions, to a degree, without impinging on personal privacy? Do we? What about the porn and fashion industries? Should it all become more romantic?

Allegedly 'chastity' is the new black.

From most accounts I'm aware of, HETEROSEXUAL people indulge JUST AS MUCH (if not MORE) in 'negative'/excretia/dirt-containing/sadistic sexual practices -
Doesn't make it right either way though? If that's the case, why pick on GAYS alone?

What is it we can find SO wrong, so VERY different about homosexuality v heterosexuality? Why is it our business?

Is life long enough for us to care THAT much as to WHY some males or females want to love each other and maybe get married? What harm can a happy pair of people do to you or yours?

What is it *precisely* that some hate about homosexuality?

Lots mistakenly associate homosexuality with pedophilia, and here's why it's an erroneous assumption to do that;

Pedophiles are mostly 'heterosexual' males, whom
usually attack young girls, but there are females
guilty too, as well as 'boy-loving' pedophiles. Whatever
the gender, pedophiles are all psychopaths and are hating,
NEVER loving, as some would have you believe. They refuse to comprehend their own false beliefs.

Loving children is to respect them and their innocence, and to understand 'informed consent'.
They all need to know that child-rape is an act of hate and jealousy against the innocence of a child, it is never never never a 'loving' act. It's an act of hate, theft of innocence, domination and repressed violence.

Lost innocence in childhood is one of the most detrimental, terrible things that can happen to a person. Child sexual molestation or rape, usually inflicts a life-sentence of acute emotional trauma on the victim as well as the friends and family of the victim ans so there are 'life-sentences' for numerous people due to ONE psycho who decided to go with an urge.

The ability to curb impulses and urges is a sign of
emotional maturity and should be taught in schools as a
major crime prevention tactic.

One reason why so many, me included, feel that pedophiles all need to be castrated, either chemically or physically, and imprisoned for life also, is that it doesn't just badly affect one victim, but it hurts every person that
comes into that victims' life, especially when recovery takes a very long time.

Pedophilia is not least a crime due to the lack
of 'informed consent' and the severe sadism that IS
rape or sexual abuse of a child. It is a crime
against humanity and assault on innocence, second only, to most of us, to murder.

So very many survivors still struggle on, well into
their old age, suffering horror and depression still, having been unable to live normally due to lack of acknowledgement nor apology nor validation of the horror and other negative feelings of torture and trauma experienced due to their pain inflicted by the sadism that is pedophilia. Some victims carry invisible
pain and shame, feelings of helplessness and isolation, that never leaves.

As a behaviorist, happiness for me, means (where possible) great people, great health, balanced good hormones, reinforcing positive behavior and for me, only content and happy people are attractive.

I will now ONLY take advice from calm and happy, non-judgmental, non-addicted, easy-going people, whatever their 'gender' is, is their business alone.

So, if two gay people want to get married, settle down
and maybe foster/adopt an unwanted child, what IS wrong with that?

As long as they're content, good, nice people and are happy folks, are evidently a stable family unit and not shoving any anger, hate or sadism at children or anyone else, what business is it of ours, their gender OR their marital status?

Thanks for considering ALL of this before responding.

Author's Bio: 

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard was an actress, a political campaigner, a para-legal and now holds a certificate in Nutrition. Elizabeth is a consultant behaviorist and supports ACT Therapy incorporating 'mindful' meditation. Elizabeth is currently studying Herbalism and Addictions in order to practice as General Practitioner in holistic medicine.

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