There are a lot of individuals all over the globe, who’re fond of living in Canada, especially Indians tops the list. Canada is also known as ‘Mini Punjab” because of the presence of a huge Sikh population residing in there. Right from the pronounced healthcare facilities to the freedom and rights, support the fantasy of the skilled professionals who wish to have a bright future. So, if you’re interested in immigrating to Canada in 2020, and want to get the Canada PR right in your hands, it’s the right time you should apply for the Canada PR.

There are many programs, introduced by the Canadian Government for the sake of the immigrants. Moreover, the appropriate immigration program totally relies upon your abilities and skills. The best thing about the government of Canada is that they welcome the immigrants with open arms, along with a broad smile.

Procure the Canada PR Visa Faster with the Easiest Trackways

• Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)

It is one of the easiest and the fastest trackways that you can choose, if you want to earn the Canada PR without any hitch. Introduced years back, this program is more of a transparent one and the quick immigration program that selects and nominates the deserving and the eligible candidates, so that they can land their plane in the paradise.

So, all the skilled folks out there, who have the dream of getting a Canada PR, can apply under this program and get the Canada PR without any hassle.

• Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

It is another economic category of Canada Express Entry, that was introduced back in January 2015. It is the best fit for the individuals, who qualify the Canadian Experience Class eligibility Points.

If you apply under this category, you need to score a minimum of CLB Level 7 in language proficiency test like IELTS, along with a one-year experience, that is a proof of the fact that you can contribute your part to meet the labour shortage that exists in Canada.

• Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

In Canada, each province and territory except Quebec and Nunavut have operated its nominee programs, for the foreign professionals with the right skill set and prolific experience, so that they can meet the labour shortage in the province.

Some of the popular PNP’s are Manitoba PNP, Saskatchewan PNP, Nova Scotia PNP etc. The main thing that attracts many immigrants to take this route is the requirement of the low CRS score. So, if you’ve a bad score, there is no need to panic as PNP is here, that can aid you in accomplishing your goal of getting a Canada PR in 2020.

• Quebec Skilled Worker Program

It is one of the most popular immigration programs, that judges the applications based on certain parameters such as education, valid employment letter, work experience, age, language proficiency, proof of funds and many more.

Those who meet the requirements can apply via this route and earn the Canada PR, in 2020 and make a safe and secured future out there.

Family Sponsorship Programs

If any of your family member, is settled permanently in Canada, he/she can sponsor you as the permanent residents in the maple country. You can call your family member, and ask them to sponsor you via this program, so that it becomes easy for you to procure the Canada PR.

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