In every Sarkari exam, the questions usually revolve around aptitude, general knowledge, English, current affairs, and more. Each section holds immense importance and can help you in scoring good in the exams. With so much to prepare for, candidates usually struggle with preparing for general knowledge. With unpredictability and uncertainty, there’s no doubt that questions related to general knowledge can get tricky and it might lead to low scores too.

Are you also on a bequest of how to ace in general knowledge questions for government exams? If yes, then we are here to help you out. In this article, we have outlined some important tips to prepare for general knowledge questions. Each of these solutions would help you to approach these questions in a better way. Let’s have a look!

Go through old question papers and relevant books
Most of us get the classic advice of going through old question papers and relevant books. Well, this works every time. If you go through these precious bundles of information, you will realize that you can learn a lot. Each question paper and book holds details regarding the previous year’s exam and competition, which helps a candidate in recognizing the pattern.

The main practice a candidate should do is to analyze the pattern. These question papers and books not only help you to get an insight into the previous year’s questions but also provides a pattern of what kind of questions appear in the exams. With a little observation, you can easily focus on the necessary topics and issues only.

Analyze what you need to focus upon
General knowledge usually covers different topics and areas revolving around various organizations, history, and more. It would be beneficial if you consider other topics too before preparing for the exams. Here are some topics related to general knowledge which usually appear in the government exams - international and national organizations, geography, awards and honors, Indian politics, current affairs, history of Indian and World, Indian constitutions, and more.
These are some of the main topics which usually appear in government exams. Once you know about the topics, it becomes fairly easy for aspirants to learn, practice, and remember. Keep finding new but relevant information regarding these topics, and you can easily score better in Sarkari results.

Read Newspapers
Read the newspaper daily! This might be yet another advice, but the information shared in the newspapers can be really beneficial. The newspapers feature information from different sections, sports, politics, entertainment, and whatnot. If you’re getting every detail in one place, then there’s no harm in reading it. Keep a track on the latest happening around your area and the country, it will keep you updated about the current issues.
Also, try to read the editorials too. Each editorial holds a personal opinion, but a different take on the issue would also help you to analyze different angles. Moreover, try to read more than one newspaper. With different newspapers, you will get more information to read and discuss.

Prepare Notes
If you are practicing daily and learning about a lot of things, it is important to jot it down as well. Most of us read a lot and then forget the important details as soon as we close the book. Try to keep a tab on all details and note it down. This might seem like an old process but the advantages it holds would help you in preparing for the Sarkari exam.
When preparing notes for the general knowledge, segregate each topic, and prepare notes separately. A different section would help you to keep up with the details, and a decent presentation would make you learn effectively.

Test your caliber
Even if we study and practice a lot, our real potential comes out during examinations. Well, it is important to analyze how you can score well with general knowledge within a limited time. To solve such issues, start taking online quizzes or tests to examine your preparation. Refer to model question papers to take the test. Don’t forget to time yourself, it would help you to keep track on how well you can solve the questions and remember things.

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Kartik Kumar is an educational trainer who himself qualified for the SSC-CGL-2018 but due to his passion for teaching, he has been guiding government job aspirants for the past 2 years. He also has a passion for writing and educating students in the process.