"Greatness Isn't Born, It's Grown" (Coyle, 2009)

Picking from where I left the first part of Achieving greatness, I would like to continue on how to achieve greatness. I know it is easier said than done and some people like to make other people feel bad by telling them that leaders are born, talent is God-given and greatness is a destiny. However, if you want to achieve greatness there are many things you could do and nothing can stop you really! How strong is your determination?

"If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission" (Colla)

Artist Eddie Colla came up with this quote in one of his works. According to it, people should stop looking for the approval of others and should chase their dreams, goals and aspirations. And, besides, who are you trying to impress? No one likes you better because of your clothes, your car, or your job. Or at least not in that honest manner that you would want people to like you. Remember, your expensive clothes, devices and your position in society are just "things". People like these "things", but that doesn't mean they will like YOU. What has the potential to make you really happy and successful are the all the things that bring joy to you!

"There are no shortcuts to greatness. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." (Author Unknown)

Even though the author of this quote is still unknown, or at least to me, it doesn't make it any less of a truth. You can't achieve greatness without trying hard. This resounds with "The Talent Code" by Coyle, who claims that struggling in certain targeted ways and operating at the edges of one's ability where he makes mistakes and overcomes them explains the above-average results. The so called "sweet spot" is when you find the gap between what you can and can't do and when you fill that gap with practice.

"Give your very best and don't quit if you can go further!" ("Facing the Giants")

According to one relatively unknown movie called "Facing the Giants", you should always give your best and you should never under any circumstances quit when you reach the limits you have set for yourself. The movie is about an American football coach who is struggling with the low spirit of his team and the team leader Brook. Once the coach asked Brook to give his absolute best and blindfolded him, so that he doesn't really know how many feet he crawled and to quit when he achieves the target his coach set to him.

I want you to do the death crawl."
"Ok.""You’re going to give me your best?"
"I’m going to give you my best." he finally says with true conviction.
"Okay, but I want you to do it blindfolded."
"Because I don’t want you giving up when you can go farther."
The boy starts out at the one yard line. The coach is standing above him, talking confidently."Show me good effort."
The coaches encouragement grows louder as Brock goes further.
"Don't quit until you've got nothing left."
"It hurts. It hurts. He’s heavy. I’m almost out of strength."
The coach drops to his knees and begins to crawl next to him. Now he is screaming his encouragement in his ear and crawling along beside him.
"Then you negotiated with your body. It’s all heart from here!"
"It burns!" Brock says his struggle growing.
Coach screams louder."Let it burn! It’s all heart!" When Brock Kelly finally completes the exercise the coach removes his blindfold: "Look up Brock. You're in the end zone."

"You Will Become Clever Through Your Mistakes" (Coyle 2009)

When you problem-solve, when you learn from your mistakes you become better, wiser and stronger. Making mistakes will help you discover new ways in which you can achieve a goal! Being a head of Melbourne end of lease house cleaners for so long, I learned so many things from the mistakes I made in my relationships with clients, employees, competitors and partners.

"Greatness is a choice" (Reese, 2013)

Byron Reese takes the notion of greatness being grown even further when he claims that greatness is a choice. In his TED talk he reminds us that we are the only people who have the power to make that choice and whether we will be great depends on us and our determination - our choices! In that sense, it is true that change begins from the inside. Greatness is conceived within us the moment we take that choice.

Author's Bio: 

Dana Barker Davies is an owner of cleaning business across Melbourne, including professional Carlton cleaners services. Her interests however expand far beyond the cleaning topic, since she once graduated with Psychology and Criminology. Even though she is now in the business field, her interest in psychology keeps her writing and exploring further ways to be successful and achieving.