I am sure that you have hopes of achieving permanent weight loss. Many of us do! Does it seem like no matter what you do and how hard you try, the weight always seems to return?

One trait that you must possess in order to achieve permanent weight loss is to be open-minded. You must be open to a new way of thinking about weight loss. Through years of struggling with your relationship with food you have developed a set of beliefs about weight and yourself. These beliefs keep you confined in a negative cycle of dieting and binge eating.

These negative beliefs can include thinking that you are not worthy of great things due to your weight. You may not go after what you want out of life because of this thought pattern. This belief can be brought on by the media as they depict being skinny as a prerequisite to being successful. We begin to believe it and live our lives in such a way that makes this statement true.

You may also begin to believe that you cannot lose weight. After all, you have tried so many diets and failed each time. When you try hard to diet and ultimately the weight returns, you can begin to feel unsuccessful. This feeling gets worse every time you try a diet that does not help you achieve permanent weight loss.

These are two of the most common myths that women hold regarding their weight. If you have these beliefs then you must develop an open mind in order to eliminate them. By eliminating our negative beliefs, we are better able to lose weight.

So you may be wondering how having an open mind can help you lose weight. The negative beliefs that we hold are keeping us from losing the weight. You start a diet, and you do really well. You even lose some weight. Then those negative beliefs creep up, and you start telling yourself that you are going to fail. In that moment, your motivation is lost. The diet fails and you begin to gain the weight back. In order to prevent this you must be open-minded about learning new ways of thinking. Keep yourself positive with every new task. Some of the new thought patterns that you develop may seem strange at first. It may be hard for you to believe that you can lose weight. Just be open to the possibilities.

Secondly, you have been thinking about dieting in terms of limiting your food intake and exercising. What if you found a new way of dieting? This way is healthy, all natural and can provide permanent weight loss. When you begin to realize that other diets have not worked, have an open mind toward trying to lose weight in a more natural way.

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