Tweeter is no longer something new. Today, everybody knows about Twitter; your folks, friends and even grannies are all twitting. If you have an online business, how can you take advantage of Twitter to grow your online business?

Here are tips and tricks that work.

Real Photos Count a Lot
Social platform users prefer to connect with real faces, not logos or some images. So, use your real photo in your Twitter page instead of company image or logo. Besides, using a business logo would only create the impression that it is all about boring sales tone, this is a huge turn off for most social network users.

Your Bio Line
Your bio line comes before your tweets; people would want to know if you are worth following through your bio line. Remember, only 160 characters are available for your bio line, so don’t blab, ensure that you maximize it. Avoid using a sales pitch or making it spammy. Just use the right words to describe yourself and your business. You can also include the URL to your blog or website.

Tips on Getting People to Follow You on Twitter

Your email list or business contacts serve as viable tool for achieving twitter following. If these people are Twitter users already, invite them to follow you. Include your Twitter URL on your site, in your email signature as well as blogs - you are indirectly asking people to follow you on twitter. Other places you can incorporate your Twitter URL include your flyers, business cards and other conventional business materials.

A helpful thing to do is to register at for free – this is the Yellow Pages of Twitter users. You will be listed in a Twitter directory in your business niche. Take advantage of every opportunity to spread the news about your presence on Twitter. Include your Twitter URL in your Facebook page and get the link spreading as you share it for your friends on Facebook.

The most beneficial following on Twitter is when you follow the authorities as well as regular Twitter users in your specific niche. This will help you to know how you can enhance your result and you will get to interact more with like-minds.

By nature, humans are very curious. They would want to know who is following who, so they will regularly follow the links to know the caliber of people following those in their niche. Thus, concentrate more on seeking followers who share the same business line and interest with you. Don’t be passive, be part of the conversations and give your own advice.

Establish yourself as an authority in your niche and watch followers flow naturally to you.

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