Some people have it made for them, some achieve it through hard work and perseverance and yet some through inheritance and environment. They are offered choices of jobs after graduation from school and climb the corporate ladder with ease.

In their community they are respected and took charge of any situation. Others seek their personal and professional advice. These are simply the product of inheritance and environment which are the product of personality.

They are not necessarily better than the average person but appear to be luckier than anyone else. How do they do it? How do some people seam to have it made from the very beginning? The simple answer to this question is that most successful people typically share one attribute; they radiate self-confidence. An aura of self assurance emanate from their every action. They exude a personal sense of worth and security.

Your inner voice might protest and say “That is not fair” I am equally educated, likeable and responsible.
What then can you do to get the breaks?
You must teach yourself to behave in a way that others notice and respond to positively. You must learn to display self-confidence by focusing on specific behavioral characteristics.

What are these behavioral characteristics and how do they relate to an image of self-confidence?

It is the weak people that are afraid to look into someone’s eyes. When a person looks into your eyes and you do not return the gaze, it is known as lack of confidence or acknowledgement of inferiority complex. Some people deliberately exercise authority by simply staring at another individual until they look away. The way to go about it if you are uncomfortable with prolonged eye contact is not to look down, but instead make intermittent eye contact and gaze at the other person’s forehead the rest of the time.

Your Voice
Your mode of communication tells much about yours self-confidence. The indicator of your emotional state is the voice, and so the tonal quality and the speed with which you speak must be considered. If your speaking voice is too high and fast, you are perceived to be nervous and insecure. If you speak too slowly, you are viewed as being indecisive.
Your gestures must mirror the speed with which you speak and should never become flamboyant. Powerful people will always keep their hands still and never display nervous habits. Because of the importance of gesture, accomplished speakers will always practice and refine their use of hand gestures.

How We Walk
Walking faster with more energetic pace is the hallmark of self-assured individual. When we walk in a slow, tired manner, we appear to be burdened by the weight of the world. Always remember that it is not because things are bad that we are sad, it is because we sad that things are bad.

When you walk at a faster pace, it will not only makes you seams more purposeful, it will elevate you heart rate and increases the flow of blood to your brain and muscles. We are sharper and more attentive when we walk faster.
Finally, no one can look down on you if you did not allow it.

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Author's Bio: 

Irabor Mark is a chief technologist and head of unit, college of medicine university of Ibadan