In such a world mainly governed by capitalism and materialism, it seems that there is no stop for the passion of an individual. Even if an individual has reached too much of which are mostly material things, these things may not fully meet his or her needs but his or her wants. The characteristic of people is not very complicated as we think because we can mainly describes the characteristic of more than half the world's population with this characteristic solely, so it is important to act before destroying one another for their own needs of achieving more success, being more beautiful and becoming richer. These individuals really need to know that all the pleasures and possessions in life are just temporary which they cannot take along when they die. But you can tell the world that you do not need any mercenary things to meet your own need but rather of a spiritual development.

And while pursuit of spiritual fulfillment is undoubtedly difficult to achieve, a process called hermits is really the same with the people choosing to live in highlands in peace and pure solitude. However, when thinking of the today's world, it seems to be much more difficult to live lives like hermits because our lives are dominated basically by materialism. And it is wise if instead of living a hermit's life, you face challenges for satisfaction and simplicity.

Disregarding Quantity

Fundamentally, the first things which you need to do is thinking with a superhuman intelligence as well as disregarding the quantity's value. Many people usually mistake the basis for value and richness as quantity. However, exactly this is the other way around of it.

Living in the Moment

Another thing which you are able to do is to live for the present. A lot of people are too involved in their past or their future that will never realize they now actually live in the moment. Therefore, they finally forget the true value of all the things which they have today, because they are completely blinded by the things which have happened before or have not happened yet. To achieve the spiritual fulfillment, they need to live for today without exception. They should enjoy every moment which you have and ensure that every single second and every single minute goes by for important things. If you are really aware of this then definitely you can become a much happier person.

Accepting What you Have at Hand at the Moment

Another and the most important thing to know is that, you can be enough just by being yourself. The act of disparaging yourself or maybe saying you are not enough can entirely prevent yourself from reaching spiritual fulfillment. If you see that you are not worthy, you will be limited to all possible things which can happen to you. You should remember that if you cannot realize the true value of yourself, it just means you are getting further slowly away from the Creator who made all of you from His alikeness.

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