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Every person has a set of unique rules, principles, habits, traits, beliefs, and ideologies that accumulate over a given period that begins in one’s childhood, way before the person is even aware of it. How exactly do these principles and beliefs get formed? They get formed through an absorption process that occurs in the subconscious and we are not aware of the process. The next thing we know, these rules, ideas, traits, habits, and beliefs are already part of our personality and way of thinking.

How our personalities are formed. This absorption process is continuous, especially since we are constantly bombarded with all sorts of information that we take in from all around us. That includes things we see on TV, news we hear about, stuff we read about, songs we listen to, and so on. Ever wonder why sometimes songs we hear get stuck in our heads? That’s one obvious example of how the mind can subconsciously absorb things and grab hold of them tightly without our conscious approval.

The conscious mind is a very meticulous controller. It registers only the things or information that we think would be useful or necessary for us to live and survive. Thus, so many things get ignored. However, all these things that do not get registered into our conscious minds can still be easily absorbed by the subconscious. And all these things combined contribute to forming the person that you are or eventually become.

The problem is, half or majority of the thoughts that enter our heads without our knowledge happens to be negative instead of positive. And one of the most common effect is that you underestimate yourself or put limits around yourself. How so? Well, don’t we get more easily affected by negative comments than by positive ones? Also, when we get locked into a particular way of thinking, we enter a kind of comfort zone that fences us in and prevents us from entertaining new thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Thus, our personalities get formed, and all our reactions and behavior will always spring from these ideas and beliefs.

How to achieve subliminal awareness. So if you want to be in control of all your actions, reactions, and behaviors, what you need is subliminal awareness. This means you are able to control what goes on in your subconscious mind. You can fend off negative influences and invite more positive ones. You can reject some thoughts and attract others.

You can achieve subliminal awareness with the help of subliminal messages. These messages entrain the mind to work in a certain way, placing it under your control. If you are subliminally aware, you can invite positive ideologies, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and so on into your life. Thus, you can ensure that you also react, act, and behave in positive ways. This way, you won’t be your own enemy. You and your mind will work together to yield positive results in your life, all of which are wanted and fully under your control.

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