On November 5 when the Alabama-Crimson Tide played the LSU-Tigers, Alabama had many missed opportunities; they missed four field goals. These missed field goals proved critical since LSU ultimately won by three points. Losing by such a narrow margin made the pain of missing the field goals hurt even more.

We have all experienced missed opportunities. However, it is important to keep playing the game. When you fumble or make a mistake, you have to think like a football player and concentrate on the next play. Instead of continuing to focus on the fumbles, it is important to concentrate on the recoveries you can make.

A fumble is simply a recovery waiting to happen. Try to visualize yourself recovering from the mistake rather than remaining in a precarious state.
It is easy to let the pain of a missed opportunity keep us from staying in the game. However, this can cause us to be unsuccessful. Try to get rid of the PAIN(sm) by exhibiting a Positive Attitude, Interest in Improving Yourself, and Never giving up.
We can learn from the Alabama-LSU game the importance of continuing to play the game. When ‘Bama lost this game, other teams were in competition with Alabama to play for the BCS National Championship as well. One by one, the others suffered losses. This illustrates the importance of not worrying about others when you fumble or miss an opportunity. Don’t waste time worrying about others, focus on your own game.
How often do we miss an opportunity in our career or personal life because we were worrying about others?

Instead of worrying about the blunder you made in the interview, or on your job, take time to analyze your mistakes. Try to figure out what you need to do to improve you. You can only control your own game plan not the game plan of others.

The times when you stumble are the perfect times to re-examine our goals, investigate your strategies and work hard to launch your plan.
Alabama missed opportunities, but they will play for the BCS National Championship because they continued to play their game. The next time you miss an opportunity, think about how Alabama recovered and remember to focus on your game plan so you too can rebound from a missed opportunity.
Start recovering from your mistakes and fumbles today and you too will continue to be competitive in the game of life!   

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