The Hollywood smile is characterized by the opening of the upper and lower teeth, with the upper lip moving up and the lower lip moving down. Gums are exposed by 1-2 millimeters, corners of lips remain at the level of teeth closure. The most striking owner of this type of smile was Marilyn Monroe.

The basic features of a Hollywood smile

However, you can call not only Marilyn Monroe's smile a Hollywood smile. Today this concept extends to any beautiful and smooth teeth. As most experts say, the main thing in a smile is harmony.

How is a Hollywood smile made?

Creating a Hollywood-worthy smile involves a whole complex of different manipulations, depending on the indications. If your teeth are naturally straight and in the best shape, whitening and regular professional oral hygiene with the help of dental laboratory products will be enough. Complicated cases usually require long-term treatment and expensive procedures with the instruments of a dental restorative company.

The path to a perfect smile

So how does one make a Hollywood smile? In order for your smile to be perfect, existing aesthetic problems must be corrected. First and foremost, however, your teeth must be healthy. Therefore, prior to aesthetic treatment, it is important to sanitize the oral cavity by treating tooth decay and correcting gum problems.

Placement of implants

The problem: Missing teeth

Your smile cannot be perfect if you are missing at least one tooth, either posterior or anterior.

The solution: Implants

The only way to restore a missing tooth aesthetically is with an implant. It leaves the neighboring teeth untouched and can restore the full aesthetics as well as the function of the lost unit.

Bite alignment with a dental bracket system

The problem: A wrong bite

The proper alignment of the teeth is not only a beautiful smile but also the health of the mouth and the body as a whole.

Solution: Dental braces

When the jaw is fully formed, correcting the anomaly without surgery is not possible in every case. However, by wearing braces, it is almost always possible to make your teeth straight at the required level.

Teeth Whitening

Problem: Yellowing of the teeth

Human teeth can come in various shades of gray, yellow and brown. White smiles created by nature are rare. That's why teeth whitening is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the United States.

The Solution: Teeth Whitening

Only professional teeth whitening techniques can be effective. They don't just remove plaque like a variety of home remedies and whitening pastes, but they actually whiten the tooth tissue.

Tooth Veneers

The problem: Teeth that are too big or too small

If too big or small teeth are in harmony with your facial features, then the problem can be considered solved. In all other cases, the abnormal size will be a barrier to calling a smile perfect.

The solution: Placing veneers

Veneers (thin plates attached to the front surface of your teeth) can transform your smile beyond recognition. If for some reason whitening does not give the right effect, veneers can easily solve the problem with color. However, the main purpose of veneers is to correct the shape and size of the teeth. Ceramic veneers, which can be purchased at, also eliminate gaps between teeth and correct improperly positioned teeth.

The problem: A chipped front tooth

If you eat very hard food or are injured after hitting the front teeth, a piece of the tooth may chip off. This compromises the aesthetics of your smile and can lead to more serious problems.

Solution: Aesthetic tooth restoration

In order to restore a beautiful, harmonious smile, a dentist performs an aesthetic restoration — building up the chipped piece of tooth with composite material or dental implants and restoring the perfect shape of the tooth. If the damage is extensive, when the dentin is affected, the dentist places a filling, matching the shade of the filling material to the color of the natural enamel.

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