As the mobile devices and mobile applications have had an amazing impact on our lives for so many years now, mobile marketing became a great revenue source for many people, especially for app owners.

Accordingly, the number of apps kept rising over the years and this made the app stores full of millions of applications. Yes, millions.

The graph above shows us the number of mobile applications available in leading app stores. You can see that the numbers are very high. There are 2.46 million applications in Google Play and 1.96 million applications in Apple App Store alone.

Accordingly, the possibility for mobile app owners to get lost in the ocean got higher and higher and mobile user acquisition is becoming more and more difficult. But, you don’t need to worry. In this post, we are going to be talking about the tips for a better mobile user acquisition for you app. Let’s start!

Best Mobile User Acquisition Tips

Here are the tips you should include in your acquisition strategy:

1) Creating Short and Long-Term Goals

Our first tip for a better mobile user acquisition is to create short and long-term goals. This is going to have huge impacts on the success of your mobile app. If you don’t know where you are going, why are you going? Define your close and far stations that you want to reach.

2) Set The Right KPI’s

There are many final stations, many ways that can take you to your final station and many factors that define your success on the way. You should define the details of your segment and campaigns for your mobileuser acquistion first, then define your KPI’s according to them.

3) Get Your App Ready to Rock the Mobile World

Your mobile application needs to be get fully ready if you want to leave good impressions on users. Optimize it textually and visually, in terms of user experience and ASO.

4) Analyse Your Datas

You should check your datas and see if what you are working is good enough. If not, changes in your user acquisition strategy might be good for you app.

5) Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help

User acquisition for mobile apps is a tough process that should be done very carefully and professionally. If not, you don’t acquire new engaged mobile users for you app, but you might even lose them. But you don’t need to worry. You can get help from a mobile user acquisition platform.

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