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Marketers are always looking for various ways to automate, innovate, optimize, and simplify so that running programs, producing content, achieving high ROI and so on can be a breeze. Today, less than half of consumers say that branding can have a great effect on engaging them. An engaging personalized experience is now becoming a trend in boosting engagement with customers. However, creating engaging and personalized experiences for new clients can be difficult and sometimes very risky. You have to think about how to effectively boost their engagement with a deep understanding of what they are up to and connect with clients on a personal level at the exact and right timing.

In today’s digital-filled world, collecting of data is difficult, and using the data to create those personalized experiences across channels are insurmountable.

Marketers from all over the world shared aspects of technology marketers for effective client engagement. Surprisingly, most of the ways to boost a client’s engagement can be achieved with a marketing automation platform.

What is marketing automation?

Most people know this term only related to email marketing or automated social media. However, marketing automation relates to the technology and software platforms designed to boost marketing efforts and automate the repetitive task for overall improvement and marketing efficiency.
Here’s how to acquire new clients and boosting engagement with marketing automation:

1.Email Marketing

The email marketing platform in marketing automation allows marketers to send simple and complex sets of emails which are based on pre-defined triggers, behaviors, demographic data, and other criteria which are built on sequences of emails and are sent to customers automatically. Email can be used for

Sending discounts or special promotions on birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion.

Sending Email surveys collecting their experiences after making a purchase
Sending Email when customers leave their shopping cart without purchasing any item.
One of the most effective capabilities of marketing automation is its ability to boost marketers in engaging new clients by delivering the exact right content before the stage of their journeys to nudge toward the next conversion, whether its a sale or a download.

2. Mobile Marketing

You can acquire new clients thru creating a consistent experience across devices. Picture this, your buyers are on different channels, so you also have to be in place, too. Adapting with mobile can be easy, but it is ensuring that you have a unified and consistent response from across all channels is essentials. Marketers can boost engagement with mobile marketing thru:

Engaging customers in a mobile app with push notification feature, in-app messaging capability and or sales or customer service chatbots.
Delivering exact message at the right time by push notification for a customer who has already downloaded the app and happens to be in a near retail location especially during sale seasons.
Creating a unified platform roll mobile engagement metrics
Creating a seamless brand experience no matter what device the customer is using
Marketing automation thru mobile has proven to engage customers by helping the brand speak to a client as an individual. A mobile “conversation” boosts mobile engagement and it affects personalized email and more.

3.Social Media

Integrating social media creates the most engaging programs that don’t happen overnight. It is integrated with all other marketing campaigns and channels using marketing automation that help simplify social media marketing by relating it with your website, blog, mobile app, and more.

Marketers can boosts engagement with social marketing automation thru:

Creating types of post that customers that can engage customer’s interest like polls and contest based on their preference and interest.
Putting personalized web pages on social media channels and track new clients’ engagement.
Creating a sharing button to all social sites that allow clients to share brand content with friends and families effortlessly.

Marketing automation social platforms capture necessary data about people who engage with a brand. Additional demographic and behavior information indicates as what content they should download, how frequent the content is clicked and the types of content followers are most engaged in social media.

4.Analytic and Report

Analyzing and measuring results can help boost audience engagement. To acquire new clients, engagement strategy is a primary step. If effectiveness is not measured, a strategy can work less and more of just a hypothesis.

Strategies consist of best engagement plans that are proven. It has to be tested, measured and validates before the full implementation. The strategic plans can only be possible if you track the right engagement metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of various campaigns and narrow it down to focus exclusively on those strategies that work.

By knowing what work and what did not work can direct you to make decisions that can help increase customer engagement and focus more on the channels, contents, updates, promotion and messages that boosts the highest engagement that can give a remarkable ROI.

5.Website visitor and Tracking ID

It is ideal that customer engages with a brand for the very first time on one channel or another, use the brand, and proceed through arriving at a buying decision then convert on the same day in an instant.

But that’s not the reality and that is not how the audience behaves. Instead, new clients and existing customers might see a post on a social media and post it to a friend, share or follow it to read a blog post on a site. A few months later, they might view a few sales pages and subscribe to your newsletter or download a gated content.

Personalizing using a website and tracking ID tool of marketing automation tool, can learn more about anonymous visitors before providing their information and enables their personalized experiences.

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These five ways on how to acquire new clients with marketing automation can help marketers take engagement to the whole new level and can even get ahead of competitors. Marketers deliver retargeting ad campaigns and boost clients’ engagement at the beginning of the journey. Useful information in building and engaging customers can help future leads by delivering the right information at the right time and based on proven sources.

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