How To Act Around Your Ex: How To Act Around An Ex You Want Back

There's an old saying... by us... right now... that says "sexy fades but cool causes parades." Not necessarily T-shirt worthy but the point is that you can put buy new lipstick and a push-up bra to attract your ex's eyes but playing it cool causes more pain by capturing his heart and mind.

Step 1: Say Hi: If you want to act cool around your ex-man, start the conversation and simply say "Hi." This avoids tension on both ends the rest of the night and shows you're in control and aren't affected either way by him being around.

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Step 2: Chat Him Up: You could probably care less, but seem sincere and chat up your ex for a little. Ask him how he's doing and if he's alright.This gives you an advantage by seeming like you're worried how he's doing without you in his life and that you're confident you are a great catch.

Step 3: Tell Him How Busy You Are: When you chat with your ex, do it quickly and make sure to state how busy your new single life is. Tell him things have been pretty hectic with your new friends and job and he'll realize that you're doing better for yourself now that the baggage of him has been sent to the landfill.

Step 4: Invite Your New Friends Over: When you're talking up your ex, make sure to invite your new friends over to meet him, whether they're guys or girls. Introduce him as the guy you used to date and he'll see physically that you're moving on and the introduction will diffuse any later conflict that might arise.

Step 5: Keep Lasers In Check: Your ex-boyfriend will definitely feel that cold chilling glare that you've got locked in on him and even if you're contemplating just what trajectory to take with the beer bottle you're going to chuck at him, he'll think that you just can't keep your eyes off him.

Step 6: Be Funny: This doesn't mean awkwardly reading "I went to buy camo pants but I couldn't find any" off a notecard, it means use humor as a great way to break the ice and have him realize how cool you are.

Step 7: Talk Sports: Even if you're more Hannah Montana than Joe Montana, talking sports is a great way to act cool in front of your ex-boyfriend. If your boyfriend is in a group of 7 guys, odds are there's at least one who knows sports. If you drop how you were watching a certain game with your dad you can count 3,2,1 until the guy says, "I love you."

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Everything good in life is usually a struggle to obtain it. But if you really want to get your ex to chase you without working your fingers to the bones, then try some of this helpful hints:

Get Dressed
Getting dressed does not merely mean not wearing pajamas, or wondering around in your holey underwear. It means actually putting together ensembles that convey style and affluence - or at the very least smart personal hygiene and the pride to take good care of yourself. And if taking good care of yourself seems too hard, then why would you want your ex back to care about anyhow?

Get Enough Sleep
Sleep? Now that sounds like something that shouldn't be too hard to get. But you'd be surprised how many Americans wonder around like zombies (okay, so maybe you've noticed too) from lack of proper sleep. Sleep is for yourself, and easy to do, but it will also make you look and perform at your optimal best. And that will have everyone chasing you!

Act Naturally
There is nothing worse than overacting or trying too hard for something. Not only is it stressful for you, but it's always obvious to other people when you're just not being you. So give up trying to do or be anything you're not, and just act naturally.

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Don't Think About Them
Fixating on something can be counterproductive. Some things are best left alone to rise and stew undisturbed, and relationships can be one of them. Give your ex some space - don't even think about them so much. Have your long-term goal clearly defined, and then relax, and focus on things to make your days successful.

Believe You Can Achieve
While this sounds like it should be plastered on a motivational poster (in fact, it probably is), it's just true. You have to believe you are capable of attaining something before you can be given any credit in obtaining it. Truly believe you can get your ex back, then, just act accordingly.

Give Your Ex Opportunities To Hang Out
An invite now and again that provides your ex with an opportunity to be in your company is a great way to chase them without trying too hard. Invite them out to a movie with a group of friends or haphazardly invite them on a hike or some other activity. Just do so in a mildly friendly manner while avoiding the pressure of supped-up romance.

Avoid the Drama
Nothing says "trying too hard" like drama. Avoid any scenes or instances that display your vulnerabilities or high-strung emotions. Just be calm and avoid drama - everything will work itself out in the end without a life-or-death tragic take-two scene.

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Ooh la la. There is nothing harder to resist than a burning curiosity for something. It can quickly turn into an obsession and you'll find that you can't rest until your curiosity is sated. So how do you turn that curiosity on in another? How do you make your ex burn with it?

Start Speaking In Code
Whenever your ex is around, and you're speaking with others, refer to stuff as "you know, that thing we were talking about earlier", and glance around suspiciously. You can let your other friends in on it if you really want to make your ex crazy. Nothing lights up curiosity like a conspiracy that you're not in on!

Talk About "You Know Who"
Along the same lines as the above tactic, but referring to "you know who" - a mystery person who you never name. Talk about that "other" person to other people incessantly in the presence of your ex. Talk about how they drive you crazy and how you are wondering what your next move will be - and of course, should your ex ask - don't tell them!

Allude to a Thing or Event
Ask your ex if "it's" happened yet. Of course, they won't know what you're talking about - so when they ask, just tell them "you'll find out" or "oh, you'll know when it happens". If they aren't chasing your around by the end of the day begging for new clues - then there's nothing that can spark their curious nature.

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Ask Your Ex what They Would Do if They Won A Lot of Money
Keep talking to them, as if you're really asking for their advice or suggestions. Talk about travel, investments, who they would invite along, house design plans - and be serious. Not only will it tell you a great deal about them (that you may not have known), but it will really raise their brow to your line of questioning.

Suddenly Wear a Wedding Ring
You should not announce it, or mention it to anyone. But the next time you see your ex, wear a wedding band, nonchalantly, as if it's always been there. When they ask, shrug it off like you don't really want to get into the whole story just then, but you'd love to tell them another time...

Send Roses to Yourself
This is especially effective if you work together. But inventing a secret admirer that sends you cards and roses will have them wondering who this mystery person is right along with you and is sure to spark enough curiosity - maybe even a bit of jealousy. If they don't work with you, tell them next time you see them what's been "going on", and ask them if they're behind it!

Use the Grapevine
You can always use the grapevine to get the word out. What word? Whatever word you want - whatever crazy amazing things you've been up to lately, or the wild lovers that won't leave you alone. You don't have to mention names (there doesn't really have to be any), just make sure you're good on the juicy details!

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Once you break up your immediate feeling is to call your ex again and again and make them see that the break up was a big mistake. But in reality this does nothing to reverse the break up. Here are a few things that you should learn when you want to stop calling your boyfriend and get the controls of your relationship back in your favor.

Look for other things to do

When you want to stop calling your ex you have to divert your mind. Look for other things that interest you. Keep reminding yourself that you want to call your ex only because your comfort zone lies there.

Go away for a little while

Taking a break and going away for a couple of days is an excellent idea when you want to stop calling your ex. This will take your mind off him/her and will help you have fun. A break up doesn't mean the end of the world so remind yourself of the many things that you can do without your ex.

Think of your self respect

Each time you feel like you want to call your ex remind yourself that your self respect takes a beating. If your ex has called off the relationship and you call them then that makes you seem pathetic and desperate.

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Look for ways of getting closure

You need to look for ways of getting closure. The loss of a relationship hurts a lot, but calling your ex constantly only makes things worse. Even if you want to get your ex back you have to first look at getting some control over the way you feel otherwise all is a lost cause.

Analyze the situation and the reasons for your break up

You need to put things in perspective when you want to stop calling your ex. A good way of doing that is telling yourself that you need this time to objectively analyze the reasons for your break up and assess your true feelings for him/her.

Ask your friend for help

If you feel that you will not be able to stop calling your ex on your own take the help of a friend. Put your friend's name on speed dial and each time you want to call your ex SOS your friend instead.

Avoid being alone at any time

Lastly, you need to avoid being alone and feeling lonely as that will make your miss your ex and want to call him/her more.

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