Remember the story of the “Little Engine That Could”? This little train had always pulled small loads, but one day it was called upon to deliver something greater. First, it had a hard time getting the load to move at all so it cheered itself on by puffing, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can …” The load began to move and then natural momentum began to take over at the top of the hill and it was pulled forward -smoothly and easily …” Ahhh – such a nice story, isn’t it?

Think your business is any different?

Well, your answer says a lot about whether it is … or it isn’t.

In order to accomplish anything, you have to think and act AS IF you can. When you behave as if a task is possible, existing laws come into effect to help you. And here’s a major EnergyRICH® Insider Secret Tip for you: when you reach the point of behaving AS IF the action were already accomplished, you receive even more help!

Consider this: The “Law of AS IF …” has been activated by great achievers of all times and situations. Barbra Streisand was told that her voice was not suited for large audiences … however she behaved AS IF – and even though large venues still scare her – she has performed to the largest sold out audiences of all times. Christopher Columbus behaved AS IF he could sail from Spain to India … Alexander Graham Bell behaved AS IF he could talk through a device to someone in another room … You don’t really think you and your business are any different do you? Or Do You?

Well, what I’ve come to understand is that most entrepreneurs do activate the Law of AS IF … as if they can’t do it. A lot of energy is invested in all the reasons why something won’t work:
“I don’t have the time …”

“I don’t have the money …”

“Others in my field/city/country don’t do it this way …”

“It will take too much work …”

“It’s a bad time of year …”

“I need to learn more …”

“If only my parents/spouse/the lottery would give me money …”

The Law is activated, but the energy is being directed away from what they say they want. So there is an energy mis-match, but the Law doesn’t know this. It’s just following the natural, energetic flow of the science that created it.

I learned how to turn this around for myself in a big way and to really have this Law working for me:

I behaved AS IF I could find an affordable apartment in Manhattan. Did it.

I behaved AS IF I could find true-love after 30. Did it.

I behaved AS IF I could make a high 6-figure living as a coach. Doing it.

I now hold the energy of this Law of ‘AS IF’ for all EnergyRICH® Clients and EnergyRICH® Business Boot Campers. I teach specific techniques and tools that has each EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur activating this for themselves as a consistent part of the growth of their business.

What is it about this Law that works?

Some may say it enlists the aid of the subconscious mind and I sense this is part of it, but I also sense that there is something HUGE at work here. When you feel a desire to do or to be something you haven’t done or been before, you are responding to a divine idea pushing toward manifestation. When you consciously resolve to take action toward realization of that desire, you mentally CLAIM your good. When you behave AS IF you can accomplish your desire, you totally believe that it will be fulfilled. Total belief is active belief including both mental acceptance of the idea and positive action upon it. That’s it. AND such belief both springs from and activates faith — the mightiest power of all.

See, here’s the thing: You are designed not only to contemplate divine ideas, but also to manifest them. So when you make a tiny effort of your own, just as the Little Engine did, you find one law after another coming to your aid.

Now, again, remember this: do not misuse the AS IF Law. It operates whether you use it consciously or not. So, if you behave AS IF something not so great exists – that works too. Get it? And either way the Law is contagious. Other energies respond to the activation of the Law of AS IF – always, no matter what. So, imagine, what contagiously would happen (more clients, more money, more freedom…) when you acted AS IF with …

Your EnergyRICH® Prospect to Profits Process™

Your clients and customers

Your marketing

Your business vision

and more …

How do you CHOOSE to activate the Law of AS IF for YOU?

Until then,


Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick, is an EnergyRICH ® Entrepreneur Success Coach, with over 11 years of teaching and coaching experience. Heather's primary focus is in coaching entrepreneurs to powerfully partner inner and outer business principles for more profit. She calls this managing your energy for magnificent marketing. Her strengths include tuning right in to what's holding you back and sharing specially developed processes that move you into joyful action.

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