One of my favorite authors and teachers, Sandy Forster, told me her story about how she went from being a single parent of two children and living on welfare, to becoming a multi-millionaire. A few years into her career, she was earning lots of money but was unable to keep it for very long. She had an "aha" experience when her daughter was pleading for Sandy to buy her new shoes and in a moment of extreme frustration, Sandy shouted, "We don't have any money!"

Her daughter then expressed the wisdom she had learned from her mum, "Well if that's how you FEEL whenever you think about money - the Universe is NEVER going to make us rich."

In that moment Sandy could see that she was attaching her strongest emotions (all negative) to the one thing she wanted---money!

So how did she turn that around? She relied on the tools and techniques that she knew would change her thinking and her attitude so she would be able to attract money on a consistent basis and keep it.

You see, when you want something, it helps to know how to attain it through specific techniques that many successful people use. You need to know how to make a "good impression" on the universal substance. So how do you do that? And...

• What is the biggest reason that people do not attain their dreams?
• How do you stay committed to your dreams?
• How does your life purpose affect wealth attraction?
• Do you have the proper tools for making the law of attraction work?
• How do you speed up the process of manifesting?

Here are the 5 tips you need for clarifying and activating your vision.

Tip #1: The biggest reason people do not attain their dreams is because they do not have a CLEAR MENTAL IMAGE that they impress upon formless substance.

Most people only have vague ideas about what they want. Wanting to be rich is too vague. Wanting a white 2010 Prius with a CD player and leather seats is specific. When you have a specific, clear mental image of what you want, you dramatically improve the likelihood of attracting it to you.

Tip #2: The second step is to IMPRESS your clear mental image on formless substance by putting your attention on it as often as you can.

One thing you can do is write down your dreams and picture yourself in them. The act of writing them down creates a powerful impression on formless substance. Then ask: Do they make you happy? Is this what you really want?

Great! Now you need to commit yourself to the attainment of them by putting your attention on them. That's the best way to impress formless substance with your desires.

Tip #3: Your PURPOSE IN LIFE should be in tune with your desires.

If they are not in tune, you will slow down the process considerably. Your desires and dreams are there to help you achieve your life purpose so take some time to clarify what that purpose is. Life purpose also includes lifestyle so that should be considered too.

Tip #4: When you have the right tools you can get the job done easier and faster.

VISUALIZATIONS can help you to imagine your desires more vividly. Seeing all the details of your desire helps impress it on the formless substance.

AFFIRMATIONS are another valuable tool but you need to use them the correct way or they can backfire on you. When creating your affirmations, the syntax, tense, and verbiage should promote your vision.

These are two of the best tools for helping you attract your wealth.

Tip #5: EMOTIONAL involvement with your visualizations and affirmations will speed up the process of manifesting your desires dramatically.

Your emotions can also help you discern whether or not your desires are in alignment with you overall life purpose. And they can help you monitor your thought activity to make sure you are in a positive mode when you impress your vision.

Discovering your purpose and desires is an important step towards realizing them. Sometimes you must change your life in order to recreate it the way you really want your life to be. And as the late Jim Rohn said, "If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself."

Having a clear mental image of what you want to attract into your life will help activate your vision. And when you add your emotions to the mix, your desires will manifest even faster.

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