Portugal is land with some of the breathtaking sceneries, super rich history and open and kind hearted people. every year over 10 million people choose this wonderful country as their travel destination attracted by Portugal’s rich and diverse culture and incredible beauty of nature. Portugal’s beauty unfolds in all its startling variety. Explore the pristine scenery and historic villages or enjoy hiking amid the granite peaks of Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres. Watch the sunset over magnificent megaliths outside Evora or lose yourself in the elaborate corridors of Tomar, Alcobaca, Belem or Batalha. Portuguese cuisine has so much to proffer from freshly baked bread to crisp vinho verde (young wine), chargrilled fish, smoked meat, cataplana (seafood stew), cheese, olives or red wine. Portugal’s calendar is packed with festivals, drink, dance and feast through all night at Lisbon’s Festa de Santo Antonio or Porto’s Festa de Sao Joao. Simply Portugal is one pack splendidness!
Any regular trip proffers exploring, food, culture and attractions but your visit to Portugal can be more charming if you add these things in your plan.
Try Local Foods
No matter where you go food comes first! Your trip to Portugal will never complete without tasting their incredible fresh seafood, especially codfish (locally called “bacalhau”). Bacalhau is like national obsession in Portugal that you’ll find almost in every menu no matter where you go in country. Other than codfish, you must try the francesinha, one of the most typical dishes of the Porto. A mouth-watering sandwich layered with ham, steak, sausage and chorizo in between two slices of bread and covered in melted cheese and drizzled with a spicy tomato-based sauce. Francesinha finally topped with a fried egg.
Take a Walk to Explore
Portugal is full of enchanting narrow streets, splendid buildings and gorgeous views. To experience the best of the country whether you’re in Porto, Lisbon or any other part, take a walk everywhere you go. This way you can add more charm to your visit by exploring many mesmerizing things that you might miss when zooming around in a taxi. Many locals walk to most places as well to enjoy the beauty and charm of this fantastic country.
You Must Have Euro on You
Take out the thought of using credit card everywhere in Portugal, especially if you’re visiting Porto. Because many places only accept cash in the form of euro including restaurants so, make sure you have euro with you otherwise you may get into trouble.
Drink at Minimal
Wine or beer lover? Portugal is your drinking heaven where you can enjoy fantastic beer and wine at very affordable price. Portugal is known for producing divine wines and much of the alcohol. When you visit Porto, be sure to check out some best drinking places that featured low-priced beers like Espaco 77. Don’t forget to try port wine, a sweet dessert wine that originated from and is made in Porto.
Pastel de Nata
What’s best part of Portuguese cuisine? Surely, their super sweet pastries and desserts that even local love to indulge in on a regular basis. And among wide range, the best one is “pastel de nata”, a small egg tart pastry made of creamy custard in a flaky crust. You can enjoy pasteis de nata any time of the day. Local believes that the recipe of this hugely famous dessert dates back to the 16th century when sweets were made by nuns in convents.
Brush Up Some Portuguese Vocabulary
Although English is widely spoken in major cities of Portugal such as Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, still t is recommended to get familiar with the Portuguese basis. Don’t assume that everyone you meet will speak English; there will be fewer English speakers outside the major zone and possibly none in villages. Learn basics like bom dia/noite/tarde (good morning/ night/afternoon). Also learn some special words like Socorro (help) or ajude-me (help me). It is good idea to brush up your Portuguese before visiting Portugal.
Use a GPS While Driving Through the Countryside
Without a doubt, Portugal is heaven of stunning countryside that is worth taking the time to explore. But it is recommended before going to the countryside prepare against getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Travelers from abroad may confuse highways and street signs. Portugal’s highways are toll-heavy and sometimes it’s more refreshing to use backroads and avoid spending extra money.
Wander the Abbey of Santa Maria
Europe’s largest building of the Cistercian order, “The Abbey of Santa Maria” has lot to endeavor to every travelers. Love to learn about history or just want to wander around the beautiful places Abbey of Santa Maria won’t disappoint you. There is plenty to explore from stunning church, to five cloisters, a monastery, seven dormitories, a kitchen and a library at your own pace.
Experience a Traditional Fado Performance
Portuguese’s Traditional Folk Music is something that you don’t have to miss when you’re in Portugal. I bet the rocking music will make you move, whether you see the mournful Lisbon style or the more upbeat Coimbra style. The tradition with at least 200 years of history, you can feel the emotion that goes into each performance and it is like nothing else you’ll ever see. Book your spot in many bars around the town and cities, in order to get an insight into the musical culture of Portugal.
Hit the Beach
The golden beaches of Portugal bewitched you with its beauty and shining sun. Portugal southern Algarve region particularly famous for stunning beaches as well as Sagres, Praia da Adraga and Aveiro are considered Europe’s most beautiful beaches. The most striking thing about these beaches is that you can find one to suit every need. Whether you want surfing, swimming, sunbathing or a secluded spot or a coast by the city, you can get it all in Portugal. If you are interested in getting a little adrenaline action, without any second thought head on over to the Ericeira, Portugal’s surfing reserve known for its world-renowned consistent waves.

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