Canvas sneakers are the current fashion trend and for all the right reasons. All the joys of owning the classic pair of sneakers can be enhanced by opting for the modular off white shoelaces to improve their appeal.

off white shoelaces

There are lots of moments when all we need is the right pair of casual shoes, and at such times canvas sneakers are a choice one can never go wrong with thanks to their construction. The name originates from the material used for their build which is primarily the course cloth material which painters use for their art. It is not only for art, but canvas has been widely used in making sails and tents since they are extra sturdy and highly durable. Today, lots of companies have discovered the extraordinary capabilities of the material which have resulted in a line of sneakers everyone wants to get their hands on.

True to expectations, canvas sneakers are everything that one expects when looking for a pair of shoes for outdoor moments during the warmer weather. This is because the canvas is in comparison to most materials used for making shoes more breathable and very light. It, therefore, means that there are never any restrictions when one has these sneakers on, and the freedom of moving about or engaging in games become doubled. The result has been pairs of sneakers which everyone regardless of age or gender considers a must-have in their wardrobes.

Increasingly, designers have gone out of the way to develop exciting sneaker designs especially with the intent of appealing to the youngsters. At a time when the competition has been enhanced thanks to e-commerce and failing to come up with an exciting design means losing out from the largest market share, the progress has been outstanding. The total number of shoe stores in America and shopping platforms has been a testimony to this as more sophisticated designs are introduced by the day.

Unfortunately, one area remains a concern for sneaker lovers, and that is the limiting aspect of the traditional shoelaces. On the one hand, the laces play a vital role as they enable one to have their foot firmly secured and comfortable within the sneakers for ease in movement. However, on the other hand, traditional shoelaces have to be constantly tied up as the loose ends consequently mean a shoe that will loosen up making it hard to move about freely. It is for this reason that most people with sneakers are constantly conscious as to whether the knots of the laces are tied up or not.

A modern solution comes in the form of off white shoelaces which are specially designed to provide all the goodness of the traditional shoelaces with an extra catch. The catch is they are tieless which means all one has to do lace once and never have to think about tying their shoes ever again. Another core feature is they are purposefully made for canvas sneakers and as such will naturally blend resulting in a final look which is outstanding. For the go-getter who is ever after more this means having more than a practical solution but a simple way to give those sneakers an extra touch of customization.

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