All of the good things in life take time. Wine and cheese get better with age. An excellent and healthy relationship takes time to grow. And food cooked in your cast iron skillet tastes even better five years down the road. Typically, advancing in your career field takes time, dedication, and perseverance. When you have put in the time and are ready for that next step, the last thing you want to do is spend months studying and waiting to move forward.

The need for Project Management Professional (PMP) certified employees is on the rise, and advancing your knowledge in this career field is essential. You may have all of the experience in the world in your position, but this additional certification could give you a leg up in your company. Earning your PMP could lead to an annual salary increase of 20%. The only problem is the time and energy it takes to receive this certification.

As Yad Senapathy and his life and business partner Shobha were advancing in their careers, they saw the opportunity to obtain this certification. Unfortunately, the options available to study and pass the PMP exam in a realistic time frame were underwhelming. That's when they decided that they could come up with more efficient study methods and materials.

In 2003, Senapathy founded the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI). Ever since then, he has been helping thousands of professionals receive their PMP certifications. There are a few key factors that set the PMTI training apart from its competitors.

Expert understanding
Many people can claim they are experts in their field, but how many have the credentials to back up that statement? Yad himself is one of the main contributors to the 5th edition PMBOK® Guide. Additionally, he created all of the course materials.

Success rates
Rumor has it that around 40-50% of those who take the PMP exam for the first time fail. You can order study materials online and burn the midnight oil, spending countless hours studying for weeks to only end up with nothing to show. Often taking a PMP study course gives you a leg up to pass the exam.

PMTI's success rate of their students is 99%! That's quite a massive jump from around 50%. Not to mention that if you fall in the 1% of PTMI students who do not pass the exam, you are guaranteed a 100% refund of the course materials.

Study Timeline
It could take months to prep and study for a PMP exam, but who has that kind of time? Not to mention after spending months of studying, how much of that information will you retain? Your memory typically fades over time. Can you even remember what you had for breakfast three days ago, let alone something you studied two months ago?

What makes PMTI different is they offer a fast-track to learning the material needed to pass the PMP certification exam. They were among the first to develop the "Pass the PMP exam in 5 days model". Since the development of PMTI in 2003, Yad and Shobha have been working tirelessly to update and improve their successful boot camp methods. The results speak for themselves that over 40,000 professionals have achieved their PMP certification thanks to the help of PMTI.

Becoming PMP certified is starting to become more recognized in a multitude of career professions. Guarantees in life are few and far between, but with PMTI's money-back guarantee that you will pass the course means you have nothing to lose. To take that next step in your career path, you can visit and complete your PMP certification by this time next week.

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