Epididymitis brings male patients not only physical injury but also psychological stress. It will first affect men's life. If the disease is not treated in time, patients may have more severe symptoms. In this case, it will also damage the male penis and affect sexual life.

Epididymal inflammation is common in men. If men have epididymal inflammation, they will have redness and pain on one side, pain and discomfort in urination, and fever. With the aggravation of the disease, this pain will make the patients miserable.

Why is epididymitis painful?

Epididymitis is scrotal distension and pain in the early stage of onset, and this pain will radiate to the lower abdomen and groin area. This situation has affected the patient's activities. And the occurrence of inflammation will cause the patient to have a body temperature of 40 ℃.

If the inflammation has not been effectively controlled at this time, the inflammation will spread to the testis, resulting in testicular inflammation, also known as epididymal orchitis. When the inflammation is severe, the scrotal skin is red and swollen, and the ipsilateral spermatic cord is thickened, there will be tenderness.

The occurrence of epididymitis brings great harm to patients. Therefore, it is also necessary to understand the treatment method of pain caused by epididymitis.

How to alleviate epididymitis pain?

1. General treatment: Patients with epididymitis can rest in bed and hold up the scrotum, which can effectively alleviate symptoms. If the pain is severe, local hyperthermia can also be used to ease the symptoms and effectively promote inflammation regression.

However, it should be noted that do not take hyperthermia in the early stage, which may aggravate pain symptoms. In the early stage, a local cold compress with an ice bag can be used for treatment, and the effect will be better.

2. Physical therapy: men can hold up the scrotum for a local hot compress, physical therapy, a hot bath, etc. These physical therapy methods can improve symptoms. If epididymitis pain is severe and affects daily life and work, it is recommended to go to the hospital early for treatment.

3. Drug treatment: men can take some drugs to relieve pain symptoms in their daily life, but it should be noted that they must not take drugs at will. It is better to take medicines under the guidance of doctors.

If it is acute epididymitis, pay attention to antibacterial treatment. It is usually necessary to select antibiotics with high sensitivity according to personal physical conditions. If you are not sure which one is more sensitive, you can first use quinolone antibiotics. At the same time of infusion treatment, men also need to pay attention to rest, avoid walking around and avoid the scrotum hanging for a long time.

If it is chronic epididymitis, men usually need to choose broad-spectrum antibiotics. The treatment cycle of chronic epididymitis is relatively long, and long-term use of antibiotics may cause harm to the body. Therefore, men can choose the safe and effective natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It terminates chronic pain by notably improving blood circulation and eliminating inflammation gradually. Moreover, it can treat chronic prostatitis, orchitis and other reproductive system diseases at the same time.

The specific treatment plan depends on the severity of the individual's condition. Epididymitis caused by STD infection or urinary tract infection needs treatment. In treatment, patients with sexually transmitted diseases must follow the doctor's advice to ensure radical cure and avoid future problems.

4. Pay attention to diet: Patients with epididymitis need to pay more attention to their diet to recover quickly. Patients should pay attention to a light diet and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. At the same time, pay attention to drinking more water and urinating more. In addition, patients should pay attention not to stay up late, smoke, drink alcohol, and eat spicy food not to aggravate the disease's development.

For chronic patients with long-term ineffective drug treatment, obvious symptoms and repeated attacks, if there is no fertility requirement, surgical treatment can be arranged. If you haven't given birth and want to give birth in the future, you can't do epididymis resection, because this operation will cause male infertility.

Epididymitis brings great harm to this disease. If it is not treated in time, it may turn into chronic inflammation, which can occur repeatedly. It will also cause swelling and pain of the male epididymis and even spread to other organs.

Therefore, once men find that they have symptoms of epididymitis, they might try the above methods to alleviate the pain caused by epididymitis. If the condition is serious, it is better to see a doctor early.

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