Many single women wonder how they can attract a guy. From time to time it is tough to know if we are doing the appropriate things to get the right man.

These steps can assist you interest the man you desire:

1. Decide what kind of guy you would like.

This step is the most pertinent. You have to know what you would like in order to attract your soul mate. List the must haves that you can not compromise on as well as the nice to haves but not completely needed.

2. Get out the house!

You have to get out of the house; there is not a good chance that he'll come knocking at your door pleading for your friendship. You have already outlined your perfect man, now it is time to think about what he is doing on the weekends. If your perfect mate likes sports, what sports does he like? You can go to a game. If you're feeling a little scared, take a friend.

3. Enjoy yourself.

It is unattractive to guys for you to be down and out because you are single. You are unconsciously sending keep away signals when you are sad or depressed. The right man will be more likely to approach you when you are truly having a good time at whatever event you are attending.

4. Be self-assured.

Guys like confident women but make sure you are not giving off too much confidence – This can me taken as arrogance, not good.

5. Smile.

Flash a warm smile if you see a man you are interested in. If he smiles back, you are making great strides towards step 6.

6. Allow him to pursue

The last step is pretty simple, if he is interested he will initiate a conversation with you. If he doesn't initiate conversation it is best to leave the situation alone.

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I'm Robyn Lee and I'm a relationship and dating adviser to women. I made many dating mistakes in the beginning that caused me to be single for a very long time. I have since learned how to not only attract but continue to have a loving relationship with my Prince Charming. Today I share my understanding with other women so they can create healthy and positive relationships as I have done with my Prince Charming.
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