Levels of Scholarship Programs Offered

The scholarship programs are typically offered for the following levels:

High School Level
College Level
Graduate Level

Types of Scholarship Programs

The scholarships offered normally include courses and programs in the following areas:

Essay writing Scholarships
Poetry Writing Scholarships
Short Story Writing Scholarships
Fiction Writing Scholarships
English Writing Scholarships

There are creative writing scholarships for undergraduates & graduate degree programs.

Numerous renowned academias all across the United States offer creative writing college scholarships for both their undergrad and graduate degree students after they have completed the first semester of studies and proven their worth with a robust cumulative GPA.
Prominent Institutes Offering Scholarship Programs & Grants
Poetry Scholarships

Two of the more prominent institutes that have this initiative in practice are:
Ambrose D. Patullo Endowed Scholarship in Poetry Offered by Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers the “Ambrose D. Patullo Endowed Scholarship in Poetry” and the “OSE Foundation Creative Writing Scholarship in Poetry” respectively under the precinct of poetry scholarships.
OSE Foundation Creative Writing Scholarship in Poetry Offered by Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University is offering the “OSE Foundation Creative Writing Scholarship in Poetry” and in addition to the many scholarships, there are different creative writing grants up for grabs out there.
Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships

Some of the high paying grants that I happened to run through included “The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards” that gives away $10000 to senior year university students who are nearing in on the graduating date. The high paying private creative writing scholarships were inclusive of $15000 for distinguished young aspiring poets from Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships.
Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Award Offered by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Award is sponsored by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation favorable to poems creating a vision of peace. The youth category, for poets 18 and under, carries a prize of $200, while adults can win $1,000.
Live Poets Society of New Jersey

The Live Poets Society of New Jersey sponsors a poetry contest for high school students, with the winner receiving a $1,000 scholarship. The organization also publishes an annual anthology featuring the top poems.
Fiction Writing Scholarships
Al Neuharth Free Spirit Scholarship

“Of these students, two will be selected to receive $50,000 college scholarships. To apply, the application form must be completed and mailed to the Freedom Forum.”
Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University

Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason Universityhey offers film and fiction writing scholarships of up to $10,000 for students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree. You must be enrolled full-time (to any college) to apply. They also offer grants, host contests, offer paid internships, seminars and workshops.
University of Missouri-Kansas City

University of Missouri-Kansas City offers several poetry & fiction writing scholarships, from $75 to $25,000. Top scholarship amount is for entering graduate level students, covering two years of schooling.
Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University announces two scholarships each year, and will sometimes offer second to students with promising and creditable academic standing.
Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

Interesting to me, this college was founded in 1837 by abolitionists (people against slavery). They offer up to $4000 in scholarships annually.
Short Stories Scholarships
Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest

“No entry fee is required, and all rights in the story remain the property of the author. All types of science fiction, fantasy and horror with fantastic elements, are welcome.”
Alliance for Young Artists & Writers

Alliance for Young Artists & Writers offers grant awards for students in the grade range of 7-12 for art and writing in addition to aid for students to earn scholarships for college.
Michigan State University

Michigan University offers science fiction scholarships ranging from $100-1500. Most are between the standing of $300-800.

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