If you are one of the many students flocking back to colleges and universities this week, you may need a part-time job to support your social life. It's likely you will happen on to a job you want to apply for, and the deadline is very close. Like today. The trick is not to assume you can't get it just because it might be a little difficult.

For example, Restaurant Technology Services in my city is hiring customer service personnel to staff the technology help desk for all of the McDonald's restaurants. They need 15 people by Monday. Yes, this coming Monday.

They're paying $10 per hour with benefits, but they're not accepting everybody who breathes. They're looking for high school or GED grads who have had a year or two of experience in customer service.

This job would be great for a college or university student who wants to work part time in a field that would look good on your resume. If you are looking at a career in a technology field such as IT or IS, it's even better.

The problem is you don't have a resume you can send them today.

Here's how to get it done:

The RTS Web site like many others has an application page. You can upload a resume and cover letter, a LinkedIn profile, or fill in the online form.

If you already have a resume or LinkedIn profile that fits this job, great. But look at it carefully. Does it show your strengths in customer service and technology? Or does it just list your duties?

Since your deadline is so short, don't try to format a resume to upload.

Instead, complete the online form. But first, create your information in Notepad or TextPad to copy and paste into the form. Forms can time out if kept open too long, so it's better to create the info elsewhere. When you get to the description part of your job(s), use the template below, and replace the parenthetical statements with your own information:

As (your current job title) at (your current company's name), I served about (how many) customers per day by:

* (Taking and serving food and beverage orders, for example.)
* (Other duties and responsibilities, each line starting with an "ing" verb.)
* (Other duties and responsibilities, each line starting with an "ing" verb.)
* (Other duties and responsibilities, each line starting with an "ing" verb.)

I received customer compliments about (what aspect of your service).

My supervisor commented on my excellent (what did you do so well your boss noticed?)

In addition, I used and trained new employees on (this type of restaurant technology, or fixed it with the help of the support people, or whatever.) The technology used in McDonald's restaurants may be different, but since I am familiar with one type of system, I would learn another system very quickly.

(Here, include any other information you can think of that ties your work and accomplishments to the job you want.)

Now, write the cover letter:

Dear Ms. Ninneman:

I am a good candidate for the Customer Care Professional position with RTS as posted on CareerBuilder because I have experience in the (food service industry and with the technology restaurants use).

I would like to work for Restaurant Technology Services because (here is where you tell them what appeals to you about the company and the job. And it can't be just the pay and benefits.)

The most important strengths I will offer RTS are:

* (Make a bullet list of three or four things on the job description that match your experience and strengths.)

You will find more information about my work experience on my resume. I would like to speak with you in person about how I can help RTS. I know I can be of value in the Customer Service Professional position. Thank you for your time.


(Your legal name)

That should do it. Proofread three times. Copy and paste both documents into the form. Click submit. Let me know if you get the job!

Copyright 2010 Jeri Hird Dutcher, Workwrite

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Jeri Hird Dutcher is a Certified Professional Career Coach and Resume Writer with clientele worldwide. You may be missing opportunities by not asking her about the most recent trends in resume writing. Jeri welcomes inquiries at www.Workwrite.net.