The UPSC or Union Public Service Commission of India is responsible for conducting the civil services examinations in the country in order to fill up the vacancies in the departments and ministries of the Government of India. According to the provisions of Article 320 of the Indian Constitution recruitment rules of Group A and group B government officials must be framed in consultation of the UPSC and in order to recruit the best individuals in the most responsible and prestigious posts of the country a new UPSC Syllabus and exam format is introduced in the civil services preliminary examination. According to the new UPSC format the IAS prelims are now referred to as the Civil Services Aptitude Test or CSAT and instead of the optional paper the candidates are now required to face a General Aptitude Paper.
The benefits
The Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT can be considered as the first step to the most lucrative and honored careers in the country. For a success in the aptitude test and also for a higher ranking the candidates must well acquaint themselves with the new UPSC Syllabus along with a wide and in-depth knowledge in different subjects as well as about important international affairs. A comprehensive and wide array of job benefits are provided by the government to the civil services officials like different types of allowances and other amenities that make these positions no less viable than the high paying corporate positions.
Syllabus for CSAT 2012
The UPSC Syllabus for CSAT 2012 has been announced by the commission and aspiring candidates are required to have extensive preparation following the proper guidelines and syllabus. Paper I of the CSAT 2012 will be of a duration of 2 hours and carry a total of 200 marks and will include
* Current affairs of national and international significance
* History of India along with the history of Indian National Movement
* Economic, social and physical geography of the country and also the world
* Detailed and in-depth knowledge of Indian polity, constitution and governance
* General science and
* Economic and social development with environmental ecology.
The general Aptitude Paper or Paper II will have the following things
* Logical reasoning and analytical capability
* Comprehension along with interpersonal and communication skills
* Problem solving ability and decision making quality
* General mental ability along with basic numeracy and
* Data interpretation
All the candidates aspiring for a successful civil services preliminary exam 2012 are required to prepare according to the above mentioned format.

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