Many men don’t fully grasp how to approach girls effectively; most of them learn and study many lines and make an effort to conceal their real objective by utilizing these lines. Certainly, you'll need something to say as a conversation starter, but attempting to cover your real purpose (that you find her appealing and you want her to be yours) is not the best way to do it. Perhaps some women with average looks may believe that you simply approach her to ask where did she bought her lovely earring/necklace/dress and you wish to purchase one like that for your sibling, but an attractive girl that get approached on daily basis by guys who interested in her will instantly realize your true intent.

Attractive girls are approached by men throughout the day as long as they are in a public place. They also receive compliments all the time. This is understandable because on a first sight, men immediately value a girl according to her face or physique, thus many of them will follow their instinct and compliment her face or physique. Don’t do this; you will be marked as “only another dull man”. Furthermore, you immediately putting yourself on lower social status than her.

What you ought to do is never attempt to cover your true motive, but at the same time don't walk to her and throw boring compliment immediately. An ordinary “Hi” is sufficient for opener; she may response with her own “hi”, then you can carry on with “is this seat empty?” (while pointing at the seat beside her) or throw a compliment on something unique about her. Avoid compliment her face or body, but you can compliment her accessories, outfit, shoes, hairstyle, etc. If you meet her at her workplace, you can start with something like “long day?” and such.

You will never be an expert on how to approach girls if you have no idea how to decide on your target and lower your failure rate. The technique is really simple: lock your eyes on hers (regardless if she is still not looking at you). At some point, you’ll have eye-to-eye contact with her; at this point, SMILE; make sure to keep it a friendly and polite smile. If she smiles back, it's a great sign; if she instantly detach the eye contact and look elsewhere, go find someone else.

When you’ve already had “green light” (she is smiling back), walk toward her and make sure she notices you doing that. Do not suddenly pop out at her back, she's going to freak out and you'll instantly fall to “stalker” category. When you’ve arrived (ensure that she’s not busy or involved in a conversation with someone else at the moment), maintain eye contact and ensure that your body language illustrates that you are confident and convenient being close to her.

Truth to be told, a lot of guys that have asked me “how to approach girls” possess this problem. They push themselves to walk closer, but lose their self confidence and being totally anxious around her. Commonly, the signs of this lack of confidence are looking somewhere else while talking, wrong positioning (she does not even aware that you currently beside her), and having difficult time to say anything right.

I cannot actually say there is anything that can resolve that instantly; you must have the “I am not below her” way of thinking and get rid of “she’s out of my league” mindset; the rest is practice repeatedly. You’ll be certainly get distressing responses at times, but if you have done the “eye-locking and smile” first, it is very less likely for you to get really harsh response.

If you want to learn how to approach girls, master the key: self confidence. Picture in your mind that you are on the same level (or higher) with her and keep eye contact while you have a conversation with her. You'll find it difficult at first since it is about changing your own mindset and body language, but you'll get there eventually.

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