What is a live free help portal?
As there are many Live Free help online portals, which facilitate us in various walks of life. We can find many answers, which we previously could not get answered any other way. This is a remarkable achievement of media and technology.

What to Ask?
Getting started with purchasing a new car, selling it or going for a repair, a refrigerator, a new varnish, or a hiring a new contractor, you need to ask wisely. Asking the most relevant information is the most essential part of it. The right question can lead you to the responses or solutions better suited for your question more quickly

How to Ask?
We all know that the familiarity and understandability of a question takes you to the exact answer. Online advice and solution from help desk is reliant over a help desk technician, if you ask him a haphazard or general question, and do not define specifics of your problem, he probably would be unable to help, without cross questioning.
Before you ask a question from a live free help online desk, you need to check your question for following attributes.

What is Clarity of Purpose?
Clarity of purpose should be kept in mind, so that the question is not subjected to any misinterpretation. A conversational style and language can aid it in a better way. Try not to get so carried away with the problem, that you confuse the viewer or reader of the problem, prior to solving it.

For example, if you are asking for a software glitch you have recently encountered instead of using it is not working, state the error message you are receiving. Otherwise, it has low chances of getting answered.

What is Simplicity?
Similarly, keeping the things simple, and to the point plays a significant role in finding a perfect solution. The simpler the question is, the easier it is to respond to it. An expert would be more likely to respond to a sure short question than a messy, lengthy and blur question.

What is Conciseness?
When asking a technical question however, every minor detail is important, for example if you want to fix a computer problem or a wiring problem in your house, you should give complete information about what you have tried so far, what worked and to what extent. Asking a concise question is a big help.

Concluding All:
Thus, asking a question is an art, those who perfect it, can get the most advantage out of it, through online advice and solution from help desk, worldwide. They are more likely to solve as many problems as they have, unlike those who do not realize the value of asking a right question.

At question answer portals like Maybenow.com, you can also find many similar questions, to what you are going to ask, you can select those which suit your requirement or you can modify it according to your need. Thus asking an online question is easier this way.

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