Through out histroy it has been confirmed that there are great benefit behind asking. Asking is powerful yet it is one of the most dificult things for many. But the question now is why are we always afraid to ask.


Generally we are just afraid of rejection. Afraid of the two letter word NO!

This simply means that we are simply rejecting ourself. If you are afraid of asking it means you are actually rejecting yourself in advance, saying no to yourself before any one says so. I know this from experience.


Some years ago while i was in school, their was this girl whom i had so much affection for. This girl is down to earth, very classic and she like every man's dream. Each day i plan of telling her that i love her, but i never put myself together to tell this to her. This was going on for five month on the sixth month I did it, I asked her out. But alas! she lamented: "why are you just asking? I just said yes to your friend:"

So don't assume that they will say no. Take the risk ASK, if they say no you are not worst than yesterday. If they say YES you are better off.


1. Ask like you expect to get it.
2. Ask someone who can give it to you.
3. Be clear and specific.
4. Assume you CAN.
5. Ask again and again.

Author's Bio: 

Joy Akinlolu is the Nigerian number 1 Success Coach. He is the founder of Jacey Ally Coaching Services a division of JAIS.