There are times in our lifetime when we have the sudden desire to know how to ask out a girl. If you truly attracted to a particular girl and thinking about getting your relationship with her to the next level, asking her out is an important step. You longed for the "yes" answer very much that you get too deep into the details: place, time, the right phrases, and so on. This is how you (and the majority of us) messed up.

Before asking a girl out, ensure that she has at least a little bit of interest with you. Generally, the best way to read the sign is via her body language like eye contact, facial expression, or gentle physical contact (hitting you playfully and such). If she is staying mysterious and you cannot determine her feeling to you, simply do it; there are a few things that you will never know until you try.

Actually, this is how to ask out a girl on a date: ask her directly. Asking her directly is the best approach and by being direct to the point, she will respect you for your confidence. Obviously, this doesn’t imply that she will absolutely accept your invitation, but at least you’ll gain her respect.

Like I said above, if you still unclear about how to ask out a girl on a date, suddenly you feel that stuff like moment, location, etc become essential factor that can determine the results. Although they do possess some affects, you shouldn’t let it stressed you out. If you find it difficult to talk one-on-one with her, don’t wait for the chance that might never occurs; make sure she isn’t occupied at the moment and just said “can I talk to you for a sec?” and get her away from everyone else.

Skip the formalities, forget the compliment; say what you need to say RIGHT AWAY. Lengthen it will only make you more nervous and while you talking about unimportant stuff, she may say “I must go back to my work/friends/families and you lose your chance. Just say something like “Hey, I will go to -movies/beach/party/club- -tomorrow/later/next Saturday-. You should come too, it will be fun” or “would you like to go out with me this weekend?” (more straightforward approach). Maintain eye contact with her and show your confidence through your body language: stand upright and DO NOT let your hand plays anything, including your hair, mobile phone, car key, or anything else.

Sometimes, she’ll try to tease you by saying “are you asking me for a date?” or “as in a date?”; if this take place, immediately say “yes” instead of working to make lame excuses to safe your face. Girls like a guy who are able to back up his words rather than a guy who instantly making excuses to safe their little pride.

Understanding how to ask out a girl on a date means you also must be prepared for rejection. It doesn't matter how good you preparing yourself previously, a few things are not meant for you to have and you need to learn to take it like a man. Tell her "okay" and keep the conversation flow instead of acting depressed and ruin her day with shame. Act like a man, not like a boy. You might not get a date with her (for now), but at least you can win her respect.

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