You may find it surprising to know that there is more than one form of confidence. Some mannerisms that can seem to be a sign of confidence in a person are in fact not confidence at all. The thing is what is genuine confidence? Well, genuine confidence is a natural deportment or magnetic energy that is generated by certain individuals. Fake confidence on the other hand can be observed on an every day basis in the form of boasting and attention seeking conduct. The signs of someone with fake confidence are the excessively loud tone of voice, the sideways fleeting look to see if anyone is impressed by the conversation, and the inflated body language. The person with this false sense of confidence is always thinking that they lack some thing or other. The question is how do you rid yourself of this false confident behaviour, so that you can substitute it with true confidence?

The first thing is to become aware that these thoughts are there. This is a significant first step in conquering attention-seeking behaviour. These thoughts will always be negative like, "I don't think I'm as good as the other people here because I don't look as good as them; that's why women don't like me." You must cancel the whole negative thinking process as soon as you are aware of it. You do this by reprogramming these negative beliefs with positive beliefs: "I'm as good as the others. I'm just as good-looking as the others. Women do like me."

Also the way you carry yourself through your body language and tone of voice, has an enormous influence on the way you think about yourself and how you are judged by others. To develop a more confident personality move around as if you're confident - and this goes for standing and sitting also. How this works is that you are a psycho-physical being: if you change your physical behaviour you change your mindset; if you change your mindset you can change you behaviour. It's that easy. Just concentrate on developing a confident physical behaviour. Then the mind and thoughts will eventually act accordingly, but you must feel the confidence flowing through you every time you move around in a confident way.

Take an inventory of yourself, but don't compare yourself to other people because that is a pointless thing to do. Everyone has different strengths and restrictions. You are good at some things that other people are not good at. If you think about it even a constant complainer is good at something, i.e. moaning.

Improve your mind and body every day by reading and exercising more. These two activities are one of the best ways to developing self-confidence quickly. Also set clear goals and how you are going to achieve them. Take charge of your mind by not allowing your negative thoughts create negative feelings. This way you are going to be more confident and successful at everything you do. Good luck!

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Dion Daly is a certified trainer in hypnosis, a master practitioner in NLP and TLT. He also has a degree in metaphysics.

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