Mobile taxi companies have undergone a tremendous growth in the short span of time making it a profitable business opportunity for many.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to cash in, deciding on starting a cab business is just the first step. The one thing any taxi business cannot do without are the drivers. Uber, the king of taxi companies, have made a mark with professional drivers who ensure safety.

How Do You Woo In the Right Drivers?

To expand your taxi business parameter, increasing the number of drivers is a prime factor. Uber,the giant in the taxi market, is a great example. According to a report, released by Uber, it had drivers 162,037 in America who had completed 4 or more trips last December itself. The number of drivers has grown exponentially since its initiation, and so has its success.

Following points focus on attracting more drivers to your cab business.

1.Don't go the Tech Savvy Way - As you know, taxi drivers are not typically the kind of people we'll find checking emails. They don't have much tech knowledge.

It'd be a better to talk to them in person. Go off line, collect them as a group and then introduce your mobile app. Arrange a presentation, introduce them to the idea & let them test the app. Allow them to get used to it and take their time.

2. Make it Unique - You have to make the drivers feel special, only then will they be ready to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Make them aware of the benefits of Mobile Cab Business - exact pickup and drop off location, saves time, GPS navigation system, safe payment and good customers. Once the driver is convinced that he's in for good, he would also help attract his other cabbie fellows.

3.Using Radio Station to reach out to Drivers-Radio is a good old method to reach out any cab driver, but you've got to do some research here as to what station they listen to.

After doing that, you'd have to buy an advertisement for your service. You can always go with something like a new medium of cab booking.

4.Start Small -Every journey begins with a small step. You should start locally with your taxi business. With a targeted audience you have a better chance of gaining momentum, and then, once you've achieved it, you can expand to a bigger area.

5. Take Necessary Steps before going Public -Haste makes waste. Don't think you can assemble 20 drivers and are ready to take on a town with million people. The drivers too will stay only when they feel that they're at some lead. Before going on board, check if –

● You have enough drivers

● At least 50% drivers are available at the moment

● You're getting enough customers

● Proper tracking is done at the nerve center

● The last resort just in case

6. Target all the Locations which interests local Taxi Drivers - All the taxi drivers have certain places throughout the city where they stop for a break, hang out or just to refuel. Such spots may be fast food joints, gas stations or parking. Approach them with flyers and talk to them to support your business. These minor marketing moves will bring a considerable change in attracting more drivers.

7. Print ads in Newspapers -Newspapers are the most common way taxi drivers kill their time; it won't be long before they read the ad and approach you.

8. Hire Drivers as Marketers - People are more likely to listen to you when it's coming from someone they know. Your reputation as a marketer is not well received by a cabbie. This work can be better done if you hire someone of their own, whom they trust, to guide them towards your business.

Buy a taxi dispatch system you need, and wheel away to glory. Build customer engagement, build brand loyalty and bring in more sales.

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