There certainly is a stark difference between getting GOOD attention from a woman and getting the bad kind. A lot of guys ask about how they can get a woman's attention and just to illustrate the point that you don't just want any attention, I'll tell them to dress up like a clown. That will get you attention, but it is probably not the kind that you want to get. It's not the kind of attention that is going to make her feel like she wants to go out on a date with you, unless of course, she just happens to have a thing for clowns.

A lot of guys DO make the mistake of trying to get the wrong kind of attention, though. They might not dress up like a clown, but they do things that gets them noticed, but not in the way that leads to getting a date. I think a good example of this is the classic buying a woman a drink. Sure, she'll pay attention to you for a moment while she is getting the drink, but it doesn't set her up to feel attracted to you in any way.

Here are a couple of things that will get a woman's attention in a GOOD way:

1. Approach her in a unique way.

It's a big world and women get approached by lots of men who all do the same thing. You don't stand out when you do what every other guy does. You need to be unique in some way to make an impression that counts. If every guy offers to buy her a drink, do you think that is going to make you stand out? You have to find a way to approach a woman so that she DOES feel like your approach is unique and at the same time, so that she likes it as well. Unique is good when the impression is good, but there are unique ways to approach a woman that are not good.

2. Establish a strong sense of rapport with her right away.

Most men do things that BREAK rapport with a woman, even though they think it is helping them. A good example of this is the guy who asks TOO MANY questions. It's good to show an interest in a woman and make it seem like you truly want to get to know her, but too many questions make it feel like you are grilling her and that is not such a good thing. Make her feel rapport with you and you'll find that getting a date is actually kind of easy.

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