How To Attract Husband Attention: What To Do If Your Husband Is Not Attracted To You - How To Attract Husband Physically

This article should be a "mantra" for any woman with the strong desire to attract her husband, lover or friend and have him begging for her attention, and pleasing all her demands.

Due to unknown reasons, almost every man on earth feels a "blind" attraction and desire to a woman who has shaved her pubic hair. Yes, there might be some old fashioned men who are still into "traditional" hairy and unshaved pubic hair, but among your people, middle age people and even more mature and aged people totally shaved, partially shaved , or styled pubic hair has become something in style, in fashion and very common.

I remember 6 years back, hearing a conversation between two teenagers talking about how they were shaving their pubic hair because it was "in fashion".

So if you really want to attract your man's attention and have him paying to you all the attention and care you deserve, please check out these daring new ways to keep your pubic area appealing, fashionable and fresh:

Shaving: The pros of this way is that it is a very cheap way and if you have a steady hand, it is a totally painless way to shave your pubic hair. If you put a little of imagination and your own skills, you can have a brand new style every time the mood strikes.

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Expert Advice: In order to avoid ingrown hair or stubble it is a very good idea getting yourself one of of the latest battery operated feminine personal pubic hair shavers. With a bit of practice and using the special oil provided, you will do wonders with your pubic hair.

Salon Waxing: The professionals working at these salons know their job very well, so they are experts and your style should look absolutely perfect.

This system will last four to six weeks, but the main reason lots of women avoid it is because of the potential for pain, although it should not last long with the treatments they will give you to get rid of the pain.

Expert Advice: Always agree with the salon aesthetician about what is the style you want for your pubic area. This way you will avoid any further surprise.

Laser Treatments: If you want to commit to a pubic hair design such as your initials, a butterfly or whatever other design you like, with this system you can keep the same design forever. Every one or two years, you should need a few touch-ups, but the most part, the hair will be gone forever.

Expert Advice: The cons of this system are that you need at least six laser sessions to elminate all your pubic hair, plus every year you may need to do a "maintenance" session to keep all the pubic area clean.

Conclusion: Initially, I would go for the first option (shaving). Get yourself one of the latest battery operated shavers designed especially for women's pubic hair, and use your imagination to get your own style (completely shaved, partially shaved, your own pubic hair design...)

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There are a range of marriage problems that are caused by women who can't endure pain. Now, I don't mean to sound sexist; women can endure a lot of pain, what with childbirth and all, but I'm talking about other forms of pain that might prove just a bit too painful for them. For instance, there's emotional pain. Some women react very negatively to emotional pain. Give them a little bit and they'll just about near give themselves a breakdown through how much sorrow they can feel. There are a few other forms of pain that cause marriages to break down, simply because women aren't good at taking them.

1. Emotional Pain

As I mentioned earlier, emotional pain is one of the forms of pain that is more sorely felt by women in particular. Maybe it's their highly attuned emotional systems that make them so much more sensitive.

Perhaps it's because they're better developed emotionally, meaning that they can feel a wider range of complex emotions. Whatever the case, it can make women over-react causing arguments and misunderstandings to eventuate and be blow out of proportion.

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2. Mental Pain

I'm not talking about diseases of any kind. I'm more so talking about stress in general. A lot of women are extremely good at handling stress. That's why more and more women are taking senior managerial roles in big corporations.

However, give them a family issue and they simply can't keep it together. Women are prone to depression since they are statistically less able to handle stress. Some women simply don't know how to treat themselves to time off, which causes marital stress.

3. Physical Pain

When women can't handle physical pain, there is a lot of stress on the relationship between a man and a woman. Some women simply don't look after themselves physically and then they wonder why they're always unwell.

It's not always up to them to decide how physically fit they can be, but it is important for them to take responsibility. Even though in the short-term they may be less of a burden, it would be detrimental on the relationship if she was to burden the husband needlessly.

These marriage problems are a result of women who underestimate their pain threshold. It takes some common sense to realize that you simply have to use common sense to prevent it from happening in the future. Think ahead and you'll be doing your marriage a favor.

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Living in a broken marriage is probably more common than you know because a lot of times couples don't openly discuss their broken relationship. There are sometimes hurt and pain in a relationship that is carried by one or both spouses for quite some time. It usually all comes out one day and before you know it all heck breaks loose in the broken marriage.

There really is no reason why couples have to live marriage with anger and frustration as an everyday norm. I can guarantee you that if couples in this situation could easily escape their broken marriage they would do so in a heartbeat.

There are different ways you can fix marriage problems and I have outlined a few of the keys below.

Don't Live In A Fantasy Relationship

A lot of times in a broken marriage couples live two married lives. On the outside of the home and to others the relationship seems perfect. However, on the inside the couple might be experiencing serious pain and frustration. I'm not saying you should broadcast your problems to the world, but if acting and pretending to be a happy couple with no problems makes you sick then do something about it. A broken marriage begins to get better when the pain and frustration are too much for you.

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Discover The Real Problems

There is generally a desire to sugar coat or hide what's really bothering spouses because they don't wish to hurt their partner. What often times happens is that problems are discussed and worked on but they aren't the real issues in the marriage. In order to deal with and resolve the real problems couples need to talk openly, honestly and challenge each other to share from the heart. When a few tears have been shed you know the root causes of the broken relationship are surfacing.

Make Your Marriage A Priority

Couples are very good at uniting to solve a problem that is negatively affecting their home or family. However, less enthusiasm is applied when dealing with marriage problems. If you have the heart and desire to fix your broken marriage then make your relationship fixing a top priority. You shouldn't be wasting countless hours doing worthless or unproductive things when your marriage is broken. Use that time and energy to repair your marriage!

When marriages are broken it's so easy to look at and focus on the problems or faults of your spouse and this tends to make the relationship more difficult to be in. It's important to be mindful of the things you can be doing to improve your marriage and also stuff you want to avoid that can hurt your marriage.

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Have you been wondering how you're going to save your marriage, but don't have much faith in the marriage counseling industry? Well, considering that there's an over 50% failure rate for marriage...and the marriage counseling industry is enormous...then you're probably on the right track.

You see, sometimes even though everyone's doing it, it doesn't make it right? Isn't that what your mother used to say to you?

Well, I hate to sound like your mother, but I'm saying it to you too. You may be doing all the wrong things to save your marriage, simply because you're following the usual advice.

You see, it wasn't long ago that I was just like you trying desperately to save the marriage with the person I loved more than anything. I looked through tons of advice and marriage counseling books, and stories, etc.

The problem was that I didn't like most approaches. Now that doesn't mean that the approach is wrong because Jason Nelson doesn't like it, but I just wasn't comfortable with traditional counseling, and was pretty sure that my wife wasn't either.

Are All Marriage Counselors Wrong and Worthless?

Of course not, and I don't mean to imply that. But with the statistics above I don't think it's hard to see that a lot of them might be worthless.

But let's be fair. Let's look at some of the usual things that you'd be told by a traditional marriage counselor.

First of all they'll almost always try to drag both of you in to their office so that you can sit on a couch and hash everything out in front of them. I truly believe that they're doing what they fill is the right thing to do. I don't think they do this to mean any harm what so ever.

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It actually makes sense that you'd want to see how the two people communicate.

But in my experience, I figured out...or should I say found...a way to save my marriage without needing my wife's involvement! Imagine that, for the longest time she didn't even know that I was trying to save my marriage.

I knew that there were enough things that I was doing wrong in the marriage that if I could just fix those things alone, then my marriage would be at least 50% better. That was my way of thinking. Now I think every marriage counselor would tell you that that's nuts, and that it takes two to tango. You've heard it all, but I was stubborn and wanted to at least try.

How to Save the 50% (or more) of Your Marriage That Is Your Fault!

OK in my case it was more but let's just call it 50% to round it off.:)

One of the biggest and what I feel the most effective things I did was quit trying to talk about all of our problems.

I mean come on, who wants to keep going on and on about the same things that never get solved in the first place. It's not like I was going to suddenly make her think that I'm right, or suddenly think that her points of view were right. So I dropped these issues, and started coming up with ways on my end to solve them.

But more than that, I began the journey to becoming a better husband. It wasn't instantaneous, but dropping all of the big ole' issues that kept causing more fights was a huge start because...well...a lot of the fighting stopped.

Now I'm no expert, but this was a much better way to save my marriage than keep rehashing all of the stuff that bothered us each time it came up.

My marriage was and still is the most important thing in the world to me. I decided that if it was be fixed that it was up to me to fix it. Basically my wife had given up on it being repairable. Fortunately I didn't. It wasn't easy, I had a lot to learn.

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