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It is very common for us to come across people who hurt us or affect us in any negative way. This has made some people quite skeptical about other people. Usually, we find ourselves thinking about what other people’s faults are, instead of focusing on the good in them. It is usually much easier to see the negative than to see the positive.

Unfortunately, seeing the bad in people affects you more than it affects the person your negative views are directed at.

Keep in mind that everyone is made with both negative and positive traits. It is impossible to find someone without a bad side. So if you keep on seeing only the negative side but never the positive side, the problem lies in the way you look at others.

What You See Is What You Get. And like they say, the more you focus on something, the bigger it gets. So if you keep on seeing the bad in others and you negatively comment on that, then you will most likely get more of that behavior from that person. When you keep your eyes trained on a person’s faults, you will see more and more of these.

But think about this: what if you comment instead on the positive behavior of that person? The person will then be encouraged to act that way to receive the same positive feedback from you and this means the negative behavior will automatically be reduced in the process.

The Real Problem. The main problem here is a bad case of negative thinking. And it can do a lot more damage in your life than you think. For example, seeing the negative in others will keep you from sincerely making friends with them. It will get in the way of your relationships and friendships. You will be unable to forge deep connections with others, due to the thought that they are bad. This negative habit can also cause problems to old relationships; if you keep on pointing out and noticing negative things about, say, your partner, then there will be resentment and doubt between the two of you.

How This Can Affect Your Life. Do you really want this to happen in your life and in your relationships? Won’t it be so much better, not just for others, but also for you, if you can see the good in others, be able to put your faith and trust in them, and enjoy a harmonious relationship with other people? Won’t it be so much favorable for you if you can stop worrying and complaining about other people and instead just enjoy their friendship and presence in your life?

Subliminal Messaging is the Solution. If you find yourself seeing the bad in people, you can get help from subliminal messages to change this mental pattern. Subliminal messages are now being used in many personal development and personal change goals. These are messages designed to communicate with the subliminal mind or the subconscious. It removes the triggers that cause us to see the bad in people, and replaces them with positive thoughts such as:

I see the good in others.
There is good in every person.
I see people from a positive perspective.
I look for the good in others.
I focus on others’ strengths.

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