Today the average consumer' has an ocean of information available at their fingertips. They usually won’t purchase anything without first reading product reviews and recommendations. Along with that they often compare the product with other similar products in the marketplace, which means that the ecommerce businesses need to focus more on providing a positive customer experience if they want to be successful and profitable in the market. So, with the advent of Magento website development, consumers are more inclined towards the search and buy products, whereas online shopping not only provides the convenience of buying something while sitting at home, but also allows consumers to compare products and check reviews, and then make a wise purchase decision. Whereas online shopping not only to provide the convenience of buying something while sitting at home, but it also allows consumers to check reviews, compare products to make an informed purchase decision. As’ ecommerce website companies need to make sure that your website is well designed to deliver a positive customer experience. However, a happy customer will come back for repeat purchase and help you boost your sales. On the other hand, if the website fails to make a good impression on your set target audience, then you run the risk of losing the competition, and you could even end up getting negative publicity as well.

So, below are the given mistakes which you need to avoid while designing an ecommerce website:

Poor Image Quality
The product image is the most important aspect, for an ecommerce website as it plays a vital role in your conversion process. Since online shopping is an alternative to shopping at the store, a shopper should be able to see precisely how the products look alike. Therefore, one of the main reasons for a shopper to shop from physical stores’ is because they get to see what the product is actually like in person. In addition to having the products on display, think about how much a brick and mortar store business focus on lighting and other display aspects so, that it should immediately catch the attention of shoppers. The same applies to the online shopping, because a well-designed product page will help you improving your shopper experience by providing rich product information. Along with that their design should be in such a way that they look clean and attractive as well as they should convey a clear value proposition to your shopper by telling why they buy from you instead of your competitors.

Incomplete Product Description
The only way why people hesitate to shop online' is the lack of feel and insufficient information about the product because when people shop in local stores, they see the product from every angle and then they make their decision. So, when you provide the same experience on your ecommerce website development, then it will thrive tremendously. A way to turn this desire, into reality is by the implementation of choosing the right Magento design pattern. Therefore, if you don't provide a crystal clear pictures with a description of a product, then the user is most likely to look up for the specification elsewhere they end up making their purchase from a competitor website.

Insufficient Payment Options
The long and complicated checkout process on the e-store' can cause potential customers to abandon their site which in turns affects your conversions. Even, as per the study' conducted by "Baymard Institute" has also found that the complex checkout process is the third most obvious reason for a shopper to drop out. Therefore, you should ensure your visitor' to select the products and complete the purchase efficiently within few steps. Besides, it should also provide you a display of all the shipping costs and taxes which are applicable.

Slow Loading Speed
The most crucial factor for keeping users hooked up to your website is the loading time or speed, and it is quite evident, that if your site is slow, then most of your visitor will drop off and never come back. Even as per the studies, it is shown that a loading time delay of even one second can reduce your conversion by 7%. Therefore, with the help of Google Page Speed insight tool can help you to identify or resolve the problems.

So, for wrapping up' above are the given mistakes which you need to avoid for Magento ecommerce development. Therefore, it is essential to build your ecommerce website in such a way, that it should provide a world-class customer experience because a great customer cannot only repeat the purchases, but they will also spread a positive word of mouth.

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