Planning is the key to a great wedding. Some people may try to wing but that is not recommended if you truly want a wedding that will be lovely and memorable. You can get great ideas from wedding websites and most of these have downloadable mobile apps that give you all the tools you need to plan the perfect wedding. When planning a wedding there seem to be a few mistakes that can be avoided from the onset and we are going to make you aware of them and give you tips on how to avoid them.

What Everybody Wants:

Trying to please mom and mom-in-law-to-be has driven many a bride to the brink of despair. Most brides begin to feel like it is not even their own wedding. It is alright to make a few concessions here or there but you should make it clear early on that it is your wedding and you will have it your way. Making others happy is fine but not at the expense of your own.


This includes setting the budget beyond your ability to pay. Why start your new life in debt. It is understandable to want the very best of everything for your wedding but keep it real. Do you really need to hire Aero Smith? Be realistic with your wedding budget from the beginning so that you do not go into debt. When planning your wedding budget you have to remember to include things like tips

Inviting Everyone You Ever Met:

Does the mailman really need an invitation, the hairdresser, Co-workers you barely know? Close friends and family, well yeah go ahead and invite them, but with the average per person cost being $150.00 it adds up really fast. You can invite some people to the ceremony and not the reception this is acceptable. Or you can invite only family and close relations to the wedding, which means a cheaper smaller venue and more people to the reception. The typical reception is for 150 people with a 10% decline rate, however always book a venue as if you expect everyone to accept. Leftover space is better than not enough

I Am Going To Lose Weight:

Many brides get down to the final fitting only to find that they did not actually lose enough to fit the dress that they bought a size smaller. Taking in a wedding dress is easier than letting it out. Get the size you are right now and then if you manage some weight loss have it altered.


Hiring a car service is about more than feeling like royalty on your wedding day. You will be stressed out enough without having to navigate traffic and worrying about getting to the wedding on time. By hiring a professional car service you can take that time to calm your nerves and at the end of the day ride off into the sunset worry free.

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In closing we hope that you find what we have stated here helpful to you as you start your wedding planning process. Make use of the technological advances available to you today. The many wedding websites like iwedplanner and the mobile wedding app can help you to avoid many mistakes in the planning process.