Check The Debt Relief Program Before Debt Consolidation

These days, millions of people are seeking credit card debt relief. The interest rates on many cards are through the roof and many people are finding it nearly impossible to pay off the balance on their credit cards because of late fees and interest. So, lots of people who have credit cards are struggling to make ends meet and pay their monthly credit card bills and for lots of these people, it’s just not working.

Because of these factors, more and more people are seeking credit card debt relief and more and more debt relief programs are actually scams. Before you decide that you are going to seek help with your debts, you need to know what types of scams are out there and what you can do to avoid them.

What Are The Different Types of Credit Card Debt Relief Scams?

First of all, you need to realize that many companies who tell you that they can help you with your debt consolidation program and talk to your creditors will really do just that. But…many companies who claim that they have spoken to your creditors never have and you could wind up with worse credit than if you were to have worked to take care of your debts yourself.

Beware of This One!

There are also credit card debt scams that will tell you to create a new identity. Do not, under any circumstances, do this because creating a new identity is illegal and you will not get out of debt this way. Avoid any debt relief company who tells you that they can give you “good” credit in no time.

Another method that many people find they are getting into trouble is when a company offers you a loan to “pay off” your credit card debt. Sure, this method offers relief from creditor calls, but then you have a loan to pay off. Often, these loans come with very high rates of interest and you will wind up with payments that are much higher than you anticipated. Plus, if you don’t pay your loan on time, you’ll wind up with potentially thousands of dollars worth of late fees, so avoid this method of credit card debt relief if you can.

How to Fight The Scammers

When you are working to avoid credit card debt relief scams, you should know that you can take a few steps to avoid the most common offenders by simply keeping on top of your situation. When you choose to enlist the assistance of a credit card debt consolidation company, make sure that you will receive a copy of all the agreements made with your creditors. This way, you will know that your creditor has agreed to the proposed repayment plan. Then it’s important to make sure to get statements of what’s happening in your accounts. Is every account being paid something? How much do you pay in monthly fees? Make sure to read all the fine print so you know how much you are being charged.

Also remember that if a credit card debt relief program sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so be wise when you turn over your debt to one of these companies and read all the fine print and educate yourself as to your rights and what you can do for yourself.

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